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Friday, November 21, 2014

Dedication Page

Words by me, picture provided by Google.
Dedication Page

Sitting here alone in the dark I find myself contemplating on all of the decisions I have made in me lifetime. While some were all wrong or right for all of the wrong reasons. Some leaving me hurt and bleeding from the inside out. I still cannot bring myself to regret not a one of those choices. Even though with a different one I may be richer, more successful and maybe even happier, I have to ask myself would it be worth it if changing even the smallest thing meant losing anything/anyone I hold dear and near to my heart and soul. Regret is a word I will forever stricken from my vocabulary for it holds no place in the woman that I am nor the even more glorious one that I plan to become. I will hold within me all of the pain, the hurt, the sorrows, the madness and the rage, but along with it I will also embrace the love, the joy, the passion and most importantly the knowledge.

Many people whom have lived even a fraction of all the obstacles I have overcome and still must endure have not even lived to tell their tail or have succumbed to that darkened place within their hearts, minds and souls and retreated to a place of no return. There are plenty of times I have wanted to let go and just tell life 'NO MORE!', I have not, I will not, I shall not. I embrace the darkness within me along with the light, even though it is a constant struggle I will never give up this fight. I will continue to laugh in the faces of people who want no more than to see me suffer and watch me break down and descend into a downfall i which I can never climb my way out of, I vow to never give them that satisfaction. One day not too far in the future my name WILL be in print and my dedication will read:


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Breaking Point

Breaking Point

Sekhmet, my Goddess, my strength, my inner warrior within, I need you now more than ever before. A killing rage boils within my blood and I fear for the fate of the world if I allow it to be unleashed. These pitiful humans in this world think I cry of sadness but they r tears filled with anger and a hate so cold it would chill the world of ur sisters, Hel, and for the first time in eternity she would be able to feel pinpricks of ice upon her brow.

Never again will I allow anyone to walk over me and take my kindness as weakness. Never again will I bend over backwards for ppl who would do no more than spit on my face if they saw me engulfed in flames.

I pray to you to hold my madness within. For the next time, I will unleash this power and relish in the fact that what happens as an end result will make even the Horned God cringe.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dark Love

Dark Love

How far would you b willing to go for love? If you met someone online, who you knew in your heart and soul was the one for you. Someone you knew could fulfill your darkest desires, please you and keep you satisfied. Someone who knew exactly what u need. Would you travel across oceans to be with that person. Or would you be willing to live your life with what if?

I'm a dominant woman who needs an Alpha male. As with all aspects about me, there is no true category. I need a man who is man enough to handle me. Not a push over too afraid to even approach me because I'm too "intimidating". So far, the only men who have come close are in other continents.

But one, dear Goddess, he is more than just close. He is my other half. In exquisite dark detail, he has described everything I need, my every want, and not just in the bedroom. I feel my heart longing for him, my soul gravitating towards him. My body aches with need of him, my heart yearns to be with him. When I lay my head down to sleep I can feel his arms wrapped around me in a strong embrace, feel my face resting upon his chest. I can envision our children fighting, laughing, playing and loving one another. I can almost feel him pushing so deeply inside of me that I don't know where either of us begins or ends. Can feel the sweat of our bodies mingle as we take each other to an ecstasy that knows no bounds.

But, what if? What if I'm wrong? What if our fantasy is too good to b a true reality? What if I'm fooling myself in thinking he's as real as I need him to b? What if this is nothing more than a dream that I need to believe in this life of a nightmare that I am living now? What if, as with everyone who is supposed to love me, my blood kin, when we finally meet he feels that I am not worth his love, that I don't need it? What if this is all just an elaborate game to him and he just wants to see how far it will go?

But, what if I'm right? What if this is real and I find myself too afraid to make that leap of faith? What if I do take that chance and find him waiting for me with open arms, longing for me, needing me as I need him? What if with him, my home of my heart awaits?

Shall I take that leep? Or shall I spend my life wondering, what if? Would you?

The answer is yes. The only real love is one your willing to fight for, sacrifice for. My Dark Knight awaits. And have mercy on any soul that stands in our way.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Legacy of Darkness Review

Legacy of Darkness by Jane Godman (ARC Review)
Published April 14, 2014
5 Dark Stars

"A deliciously dark tale that will definitely make you shiver and send more than a chill or two down your spine."

Synopsis - 

1837 Cornwall, England

Orphaned, penniless and reduced to the role of lady's companion, Lucy Alleyne is relieved when a distant relation spirits her away to Castle Athal. But gratitude soon gives way to fear--and unlooked-for pleasure.

The ancient Cornish castle is a dark monument to family, fortune and blood. Within its walls, the Jago family keeps its wards close...and its secrets closer. Lucy is drawn to Tynan, Earl of Athal. The young heir is handsome and caring, yet tortured in his mind like his father before him. Tynan is utterly different from his uncle Uther--a commanding, seductive presence whose leonine power radiates from his every word and gesture.-

These two Jago men have innocent Lucy enthralled--mind, soul and body. But if she remains within the poisonous castle keep, with its history of ill-starred passion and madness, a mere broken heart will seem a mercy.  (Goodreads)

Review - 

This is the first non-vampire novel that I have read in a very long time in which I can say I didn't even miss the fangs.  A tale that is truly dark and sinister that any fan of Gothic Romance would be sure to love, and crave for more.  Godman takes readers into a dark world in centuries past, where one families castle that has a history that may be as deadly as Count Vlad's, and even more sordid.

When Lucy is taken in by very distant relatives she at once feels like less than a squaller when she enters the beautiful and dark Gothic Manor, and takes in all the riches that belong to the family name.  But she soon learns that the grass isn't always greener.  For within the walls of the castle lie the secrets of long dead ancestors, one in particular that had no compunction in making a pact with the Devil.  And while people would have her to believe the sounds she's been hearing to be nothing more than that of the atmosphere that is making her imagination run wild, the truth is far more horrifying, and possibly deadly.  She will also learn every woman should, never trust a man willing to give you every pleasure imaginable, without expecting anything in return, even release.  Uther Jago is determined beyond reason to produce a Jago heir, and not just to keep the family name alive.  

Walk into the halls of the Jago Castle where nothing and no-one is as they seem, not even relationships.  Where trusting your instincts may very well be the only thing that could keep you alive.   Where reincarnation has never been more deadly.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

For The Sake Of Revenge Review

For The Sake of Revenge by D L Altha (ARC Review)
An Alaskan Vampire Novel
Published June 30, 2013 by Foxboro Press

"They say everything eventually comes full circle, so indeed does Revenge."

Summary -

How far was Tamara willing to go for the sake of revenge? And who would pay the price? She didn’t know as she tipped the bottle of vampire blood up to her lips but she was about to find out.

Stepping off the ferry in Sitka, Alaska was bittersweet for Tamara Semenov. A decade earlier she had abandoned her mother and high school sweetheart, Peter, to marry a man she hardly knew only to find herself in an abusive relationship. Now ten years later, she had escaped with her life but at what cost. Her mother was dead.

Although the police had ruled her mother’s death an accident, Tamara was convinced her estranged husband was to blame and to make matters worse, she knows she is his next target. 

While putting her mother’s affairs in order, Tamara finds the blood of a vampire named Adrik, who as a human was falsely accused of raping a wealthy Russian heiress and excommunicated from the Church. For the sake of revenge, he willing condemned himself to vampirism.

Learning that the blood could tie the living to the undead, Tamara seeks out a connection with the long buried vampire in hopes of striking a deal, his freedom for her revenge. Will he be the edge she needs to out maneuver her estranged husband or will she become entangled in a two century old web of revenge?  (Goodreads)

Review - 

For The Sake Of Revenge was the first print (yes, a good old fashioned paper back, they still make them) ARC sent to me for review, from the Author herself, since beginning this blog.  The only disappointment is that it took me so long to get a chance to start it.  This novel was Gothic Horror at its finest, a tragic tale with no happy ending.  I loved it!  Altha has proved to be right in league with both Bram Stoker and Anne Rice, using the Russian legend of Vampirism.  A tale of revenge two hundred years in the making proving that once revenge begins, it never truly ends.  So if you plan on plotting vengeance against someone at all costs, going so far as selling your very soul, keep in mind that may not only come back to bite you, but those that you hold dear.

Tamara is just like any other girl living in a small town, so desperate to make an escape she could see how good she truly had it.  That escape comes in the form a tall, dark and handsome stranger, an abusive one.  It may have taken Tamara ten years, but once she truly saw a reflection of what had become of her she took made plans to get away, and she did.  But as with most cases, her husband, Joel, was not going to let her go easily.  And he is willing to kill anyone standing in his way.  When that someone ends up being Tam's Mother she will stop at nothing to have her vengeance meted out, even if that means unleashing the Devil himself.  So, when she comes across some old family secrets and a trunk that holds her key to revenge.  

Adrik's tale was one that was doomed from the very beginning.  Born into a life a serfdom, he never truly had any free will, but he did have his pride and his religion.  When both were stripped from him after being falsely accused of rape, a rage so fierce begins to consume him until he can think of nothing more than obtaining revenge, even if that means digging his own grave and lying in it.  What he doesn't know is that his fate was sealed when someone else set to have revenge against him.  And though he swears on everything that he will never hurt the only man he was ever able to call friend, in the very end he does just that.

While this may not be an action packed book, there is plenty of blood and gore, and a very Dark tale filled with plenty of chills to snake down readers' spines.   Oh, and the ending is one that is truly satisfying as it is unpredictable.  So readers who are fans of true vampires; tragic, bloody and deadly, this is a definite must-read.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


 I am a little upset about something, feel free to correct me if I am at all wrong.  But isn't it plagiarism to claim a writing as your own, even a review, if you did not write it?  Now, I know that I post pictures that I find on the internet, but I never claim to have drawn them.  I just find them beautiful and they fit my words.  When I do have time to pick up art again and post my work, I will note that.  But I digress.  

When I began reviewing, it was for another website, Nocturne Reads.  I used to even help with the publishing, writing short stories as well as a Legends article for the webmag. When things began to go downhill, organization became non-existent, I decided it was time for me to leave.   I was never paid, that isn't why I did it, wrote for them and helped out as much as I could because of my love and passion for the written word.  Anything I write comes from a place deep within my soul, it is my form of art just as much as my sketching is, even the reviews that I write.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am so much better at getting a point across with the pen than I am with my voice.  So when I went to the site I used to write for and saw someone else's face as the author for my review of Blood Legacy, I'm sure you can imagine the instant hate and rage I was consumed with.  

Yes, I understand that this could have been no more than a mistake, but it was not. The reasoning I was given was that since I was no longer writing for them I was taken off the list of Authors, so that I would be taken off of their emailing list and so on, in doing so things reverted back to her as the writer.  She 'didn't have time to go back to each review and manually write in who wrote it'.  Then why not just take the review down altogether rather than take credit for what you did not do.  It makes me wonder if these Authors think that she is the one who wrote all of these reviews now, has she at least told them whom actually wrote the review? Because its amazing to me that I took the time when I published for them to put in whoever it was that reviewed the title.   As I said earlier, I may post pics I did not draw, but I do not put my name underneath it claiming to be the artist.  I do not take their name off of it either.  

So correct if I'm wrong, if someone took their time to write the review, shouldn't the person they wrote the review for take the time to give them credit?

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