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Dear Authors, for those of you who would like me to review your book, PLEASE keep in mind that I will only give an honest review.  Also, its only me here, so I'm pretty backed up as of right now, so I may not be able to get to your book right away.  But, if you have a new release coming out, I will do my best to do the review within that week.  I am also willing to do a Tour, Promo, Spotlight or Guestpost.   If you would like to do a Giveaway I am all for that too.  BUT, NOTHING CONTEMPORARY PLEASE!!!  Must contain the following Criteria.  Just leave a message HERE


1.  Absolutely no Contemporary!  Didn't like it when I was twelve, I still don't now.

2.  Paranormal only, preferrably Vampires though witches, werewolves, wizards and sorcerers are        fine too, and if they Sparkle I may hunt you down and kill you.

3.  The bloodier the better, yes, I do enjoy PNR, but I like it best when its a true Gothic/Horror            PNR; i.e. is violent, dark and bloody.

4.  No Tinkerbells, unless she has become a coldblooded killer.

5.  Erotica is fine, as long as it contains a plot and the above qualities.

6.  No Murder Mysteries or Thrillers or even Psychotic Horror either unless they include the                above.

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