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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Revealed Review

Revealed by P. C. Cast & Kristin Cast
House of Night Book 11
Published October 15, 2013 by Atom
3.5 Fangs

"It is pass time to put this series to a rest, looking forward to the final book coming out."


The spellbinding eleventh and penultimate installment in the #1 New York Times bestselling vampyre series

Drastically altered after her fall at the end of Hidden, Neferet is now more dangerous than ever—and her quest for vengeance will wreak havoc on humans, as well as Zoey and her friends. Chaos is loosed in Tulsa and the House of Night is blamed. Can Zoey stop Neferet in time to keep her anger from escalating to full-on war? Or will someone else have to step in to take the fall?

The House of Night series is an international phenomenon, reaching #1 on U.S., German, and UK bestseller lists, and remaining a fixture on The New York Times Children’s Series bestseller list for nearly 150 weeks and counting. With more than 12 million copies in print, rights sold in thirty–eight countries to date, and relatable, addictive characters, this series is unstoppable. Now, in the eleventh and penultimate installment of the series, the action is more intense and the stakes even higher as Zoey and her friends battle to protect their school and home from devastating evil—all while balancing romances, precarious friendships and the daily drama of the House of Night's halls.  (Goodreads)


I have to admit, I am truly glad to hear that this series' is finally at its end, just one more book to go.  When a series' focuses only one thing, one major plot, 12 books is way too many.  Leaving to chance books going flat, losing readers, stretching the story way too thin; way too many anomalies to count.  If there had been different plots to help carry it along, or even new villains and/heroes, something to stir the pot and keep readers excited and eager for more, and not just more than ready to have it come to an end.  Which is what happened here.

In this installment of the House of Night, readers will finally learn what it is that has driven Neferet to become the evil being that she is today.  From the loss of her Mother to the abuse of her Father all the way to the day Kalona began entering her dreams.  Understanding of who and what she truly is will be brought to light, not only to readers, but finally to the humans who foolishly hang on to her every word.

Zoey is still as immature and unwilling to listen as always.  Which is understandable, but only up to a certain point.  Being someone who has gone through traumatic events as  a teenager, I know that most things you have to live and learn and advice is not easily taken.  But, when you people who have been with you, going through the same things you have, especially when one is not only your best friend and a Prophetess as well....  As usual she decides that everyone is wrong, but her.  Only this time, the consequences prove deadly.  Too late she realizes she should maybe have listened to her friends.

Tragedy strikes the circle as they lose one of their own to the Change, a Change she should have survived if not for Neferet.  Though the blame should have been on Neferet, her strongest, most unstable follower puts the blame on Zoey's circle instead, and plots revenge.  One both brutal and deadly.

Revealed does not fall flat as the other installments have, but it is predictable in most parts.  It does bring back the thrill of danger and excitement that it was beginning to lack.  So readers, fans and ex-fans, we can all be grateful that the end is soon to come.  And while you could skip this one and wait for the last, you may want to go ahead and pick this one up if for no other reason than what happens towards the end.  Thanatos proves that it truly isn't a smart thing to mess with her House of Night, her affinity isn't death in name only.
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