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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Succbus, The Witch and The Vampire

This short story is not to be duplicated, reprinted, published, sold in any type of way or format without the express permission of the author, Tiffany Moorman.

Please do not read any further if you are under the age of 18 or are sensitive to any sexual behaviors.  Oh, and enjoy!  Trying to make up for being late on my reviews.

            I awoke with a start, gasping for air.  Considering the situation, I’m surprised I didn’t come to and start screaming my head off like a banshee.  Oh, I also woke up not knowing where the hell I was, or how I got there.  Some birthday this was turning out to be. 

            See, I went to bed just like any other normal twenty year old.  Turning twenty-one, being able to drink, legally anyway, FINALLY saved up enough money to move out on my own.  I even went to bed early because me and my girls were supposed to be celebrating all day and all night!  Including getting rid of my virginity!  Growing up with a house full of orphaned witches, vampires and were’s does not make a dating life easy, believe me.

            Well, one thing is for certain, I no longer have to worry about losing my virginity. OH STUFF IT!  U STUFF IT! Ur the one who got us into this mess! Well, arguing with u isn’t gonna help us remember jack!  Great, now I’m having a mental battle with myself, that’ll really help me figure out wtf happened.

            First thing I should probably do is take in my surroundings, eh? One thing is for sure, I don’t have to even think about my little virgin issues.  Ha! Seeing as though I am stark-bootie butt-naked besides some damn collar on my neck, in a huge bed with three just as naked men with collars on their necks!  Thankfully they're blissfully sleeping still.  Thank Goddess for small favors.  Hopefully I can figure this out before they wake-up.  And from the smell of things, I’d better act fast.  Though they all have their faces turned away from me I can smell shifter, vampire and holy shit!!! A damn demon?!
            Hookay, Jelissa, lets pull it together.  The only thing I'm missing as of right now is any memory of last night, well that and my damn clothes.  Time to answer the question I've been dreading, do I still have any powers?  Screwed up as they may be, anything is better than nothing at this point. 

See, I’m a witch, well actually I’m more than that, but that’s all the orphanage seer’s could see clearly when I was brought to them as an infant.  That, and the fact that I was pretty much a mutt.   They ended up having me sniffed out to try and figure out what I was.  All that concluded was I have four different bloodlines within me.  Talk about multiracial.  The orphanage wasn’t, and still isn’t, an uncommon place for something like that. It’s pretty much what makes up the whole place, unwanted cross-breeds, misfits, or true orphans whose parents’ have passed on. Well, okay, there’s usually only two things kids are cross-bred with, not four, and the seer’s had no problem figuring out what that is.  Guess I’m special.  So I became a great guessing game, and they’ve just bided their time waiting to see what powers, if any, I developed.  So far I have the ability to call insects, which came in quite handy in school and some telekinesis (I say some cause if I get too upset I just blow up whatever it is I’m trying to move). Which may come in handy now.  If I focus on the lock on the door, whether it unlocks or simply blows up who the Hell cares as long as it opens. So I focus, and focus some more, and the only result I get is a little dizziness, feeling myself going cross-eyed and nauseated. 

“Damnit,” I mutter.

Maybe I can do a past visualization.  If I can’t get out, maybe I can at the very least figure out how I got here.  And pray to Goddess that nothing else happens while I’m in a trance.

As above so below, I begin chanting, show me the events I need to know.  Letting go of all and any other thoughts, as above, so below, show me the events I need to know. Taking in deep breaths, letting my physical body go, as above so below, show me the events I need to know.  Letting my spirit slide into the black, stillness of the astral, asabovesobelowshowmetheeventsIneedtoknow, as above, so below, as above, so below……….

“Aw shit,” I gasp, realizing I’ve overdone it, like I do so many things.  Because instead of just seeing what happened last night, I’ve ended up in the back of my own mind and will not only watch the events that took place, but get to relive them, without being able to stop a damn thing.

Well, at least I didn’t go back too far.  I was back in my bedroom, just finishing putting on the black leather and lace corset Genie, my best-friend/wizard/werewolf, had gotten me for my big day.  I was determined to figure out how to work the damn garter belt.  I mean, really, who invented this crap.  Oh yeah, a sorceress who could just flash her clothes on with no prob, not thinking about poor lil misfits who have had terrible incidents with trying to do so.  Yeah, so not going there.

But, anyway, I was looking pretty damn good.  The corset was perfect,  hiding my love handles just so, shaped my big ass boobs quite nicely with just enough cleavage showing through and the leather of the boy shorts was the soft kind, and felt oh so good.  I even had my odd colored hair cascading down my back.  No, I am not exaggerating, its long and wavy, and dark brown with a little blonde, red and black highlights.  Like an anime style hair-do gone all wrong.

Sitting on the side of my bed preparing for the dastardly task of working with the forsaken garter belt, something on the end table next to my bed caught my eye.  A tall, skinny, frosty glass with something that looked like smoke coming from the top, and a note underneath.

Hey Lee,

Just a little something to calm your hectic nerves and start the night off right. A wolfmist spritzer.  Don’t worry, its only just enough liquor in it, won’t knock you on your ass too hard. LOL. Just enough so you can relax through that twelve o’clock mark and not worry so much about what the rest of your bloodlines might have you turning into! LMAO. We love you girl, and want you on your WORST behavior tomorrow!

Night Love,

“Sweetness,” I said to myself.

I gingerly took a small sip, cause you never know what you might end up with when it comes to D.  Good intentions and all that, she may be mixing liquor and potions all at the same time, and might have given me the wrong glass.  You get the picture.  But after a few delicate sips, it was going down nice and smooth, with just enough bite to it, so I decided to down the rest.  Big mistake.

I didn’t even realize how I was even feeling anything until I tried standing up, and plopped right back down on the bed.  All of a sudden I got a major head rush and felt as though my legs couldn’t even hold me up.  I remember thinking that’s weird, I may be just now turning twenty-one, but this sure as hell wasn’t my first drink.  I chalked it up to drinking too fast.  I ran a hand over my face and tried to shake it off.  That so did not work.  At that point I just wanted get some water or something, anything, because something was so not right.  Second attempt at getting up though, even worse than the first, I went to stand and landed on my knees.  Bracing my hands on the floor, I tried to pull myself up, thenended up on my hands and knees barely holding my head up.It felt like a boulder on top of my shoulders.  I would have fallen down completely on my face had I not been grabbed from behind, non-too gently, by a pair of rough, strong hands.

The stranger picked me up, then sat down on my bed with me in his lap.  My eyes were rolling to the back of my head, I fought desperately to keep them open.

“Who….the fuck…..are you?”, I rasped.

“Never you mind that,” answered a deep, gruff voice, “who I am is unimportant.”

“The….wards,” it was such a struggle to speak, to stay conscious.  Every room in here had wards.  No one was allowed in anyone else’s room without permission, except for the head-mistresses of course. “How?”

“Those shabby sigils placed around here?  Don’t make me laugh.” He began touching me then, and I was helpless to stop him, then and now. “Let’s see what merchandise the master has me picking up now, shall we?”

“Don’t…..please…..don’t touch…me,” my words just fell upon deaf ears.  I tried to open my eyes wider,  hopingto see what this man looked like, but it was pointless.  He wore a cloak, and there was no way could I try to pull it back.  Holding me up by one arm, he took his other hand and roughly grabbed onto my breast through the corset.   Then let his hand slide down my abdomen, then lower.  I started breathing heavier, never have I felt so violated.

“Mmm….very nice equipment you have here, but that’s just the outside.” Taking his thumb to push my underwear aside, he jammed one finger inside of me, hard.  I wanted to scream but I couldn’t find my voice.  He took it out, a second later I heard him popping hisfinger out of his mouth, “Tastes, lovely.”  Then he tried to jam two fingers in, hard, fast and deep.  It hurt! “Oh my my, surely this is a jest, untried waters.  And for what has been prepared for you?”  He began laughing then, a sick laughter, though it was fading like I was falling down a tunnel.  Everything began to fade away.

NO! Don’t blackout! I shouted to myself, frantic, knowing how futile it was, GET UP!! I can only see what you can see, and we need to figure this out!!

Then blackness.

When I came to again, I was being carried by the stranger, I couldn’t get a smell on what he was exactly, my mind was still too foggy.  I feel hot, from the inside out, like I was coming down with a fever, but sickness isn’t what I feel.  I just feellike I needed something, but what?

As he carried me down a long darkened stone hallway, my terror grows, but my fear was nothing compared to the unbearable heat I was feeling. 

The farther down the hall we went, the louder the sounds of fighting grew.  I could hear jaws snapping, snarling, the sounds of flesh pounding on flesh.  We were going towards it, not away.  The sounds were becoming so loud they were almost deafening.

And the heat! It was so stifling I could barely breathe.  And my body, my breasts began feeling so tight it was almost painful.  The ache didn’t stop there, it travelled even lower along with a liquefied heat down past my abdomen, all the way down to my very core, it felt as though my clit was literally throbbing, pulsating.  I was tempted to ask my captor if he felt it too.  Though I knew he couldn’t have, he was walking with not a break in his stride, carrying me as if I were no more than a ragdoll.  I peered up at my captor, trying once again in vein to get a glimpse of him but I couldn’t see past that damn cloak.  It kept his face hidden in shadows. 

We finally came to a stop, and from the sounds of it we were about to enter right where all of the fighting sounds were coming from. 

Setting me on my feet, with his arm still around my waste, my captor leaned down putting his nose in the crook of my neck inhaling deeply, “Mmm….smells like everything is kicking in quite nicely.  Seems as though all of your bloodlines are ready to merge together and come out and play.  I think you and your…..roomies will get along just fine.

“Can you stand on your own?”, he asked, while easing his arm from around my waist, slowly stepping away from me.  Surprisingly, I was able to stand on my own, though my brain felt like a jumbled mess. “Very good then, off you go.”  With that, he pushed open the massive, mahogany door we were standing in front of and shoved me inside, closing the door firmly behind me.

The room was enormous, stone walls painted black with drips here and there running down looking like blood.  The only illumination came from the few sconces hanging off the walls. Though that didn’t seem to matter, somehow I was seeing everything with crystal clarity.  I mean sure, I have good eyesight, but this was something totally different, I could make out every shape, every shadow, every crease on the satin sheets that covered the huge bed in the center of the room. 

But that’s not what I was focusing on right now, it was the source of all of the noise which suddenly stopped as soon as I entered.  In the corner of the room a werewolf in wolf form, in all his silver glory stopped in midswipe scenting the air, jerked his head in my direction inhaling deeply took a step back from his combatives.  He threw his head back and howled, and I heard an answering howl in the back of my mind.  Sparks in the air indicating he was about to change form. 

An incredibly beautiful male, no, vampire, who was on the receiving end of the would-be swipe, pivoted in my direction.Gorgeous white hair with silver streaks flowing down his bare back, deadly yet sexy fangs protruding from his mouth, eyes bleeding red.  Tilting his head almost cat like to the side, he looked directly into my eyes and hissed and took huge jump back.  While staring at him in wonder and awe, I felt my gums begin to ache.

Looking down on the floor beside the vampire, I saw a demon with his gazed transfixed on me.  And not just any demon, an incubus, hazel, bedroom eyes on cream a colored face, chiseled to utter perfection.  I knew he was of the incubi because something of me knew, recognized it, and answering to him as well.  He jumped from his back to his hands and knees, crawling towards me.

They all started towards me slowly, unsure with a look of curiosity and hunger in their eyes.  Even the wolf who had finished changing into a gleaming, sweaty, muscular hot chocolate male with no hair on his entire body from head to toe.  I felt myself beginning to walk towards them, drawn to all of them.

Once they reached me, there were no words, none were needed, not here not now.  It was like a well choreographed dance, each man knew exactly where to go, and none of them so much as flinched if they accidentally touched one or the other. 

The demon reached me first, he stood and took my lips in a devouring kiss, one meant to take ones soul away in glorious agony, only that is not what happened.  And I began to realized just what my captor meant, because the succubus in me came to the forefront to devour him as well.  Our souls had a sensual battle with each other, almost having us both climax right then, we broke the kiss on a shocked gasp. He then went behind me, working the lace of my corset.

The vampire was suddenly there, capturing my face in his hands staring into my eyes.  Fangs still protruding from his gums, I felt fangs of my own ripping through my gums.  I had no time to feel the pain though, as if he knew I was about to, he pressed his lips against mine, sliding in his tongue to glide it against my gums, coating them with his healing salve that I had only heard about.  He began kissing me in earnest, nibbling at one another with our fangs drawing just a taste and oh how sweet it is.  Going down to his knees, he began to work my underwear off my hips.

The werewolf, no gentleness with that one, grabbing a fistful of my hair he yanked my head to the side to sniff at my neck.  Whatever he smelled there he must have liked, he crushed his mouth to mine.  Kissing me hard and demanding, exploring my entire mouth with his tongue. Then his inner wolf melded with the wolf I never even knew I had. 

Somehow we all ended up on the bed, all of us naked, all of them kissing or licking some part of my body.  It felt glorious.  Being part succubus had every one of my holes hot, wet and ready and all of them were hard, stiff and waiting. 

On my knees kissing the vampire his hands kneading my breasts, pinching my nipples. The demon on his back, his tongue working wonders inside of me while his thumb played with my clit, he worked his tongue in, out and around kissing and sucking as though he had just discovered the finest wine.  The werewolf on his knees behind me, working his fingers into yet another hole, stretching me, preparing me.  I screamed an orgasm into the vampires mouth as the were began to nudge into me, the demon getting to his knees as the vampire began to push his shaft into my very core.  They both began thrusting into me, slowly at first and then faster, both going at a synchronized rhythm,  inducing both pleasure and exquisite pain inside of me.  The demon on his knees, I grabbed his ass bringing him closer to me, putting his entire long, thick shaft in my mouth until it was touching the back of my throat. 

Which is how I bonded with him first.  As he spent his seed inside of my mouth and it trickled down my throat, our souls went in and out of one another’s bodies, pledging to each other for all eternity.

I felt myself tighten and clench around the vampire and wolf as they grew larger inside of me, and I bonded with them too.  The vamp and I latched onto each necks with our fangs, marking each other, the wolf sank his own fangs into my shoulder, my wolf answering his with claws that sprang from my fingertips latching into his thigh.  And we all climaxed going over the edge together in bliss.

Coming back to the here and now, all I realize is that I am even more screwed than I thought.  I am now bonded with a wolf, a demon and a vampire and we don’t even know each other’s names!  Not only that, how are they going to feel about that when they awaken?  Were they drugged like I was?  Will they remember everything that happened?

I finally know everything that I am, and it’s a truly messed up combo, a witch, a vamp, a wolf and a succubus, but what good does it do me when I’m being held captive by who knows what, or why.  And a collar on me that’s blocks me from using any of those powers.

Dear Goddess I need HELP!!

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