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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

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Do me a favor? If its' still early enough wherever you are, do something nice for a Mom. Even if its not yours. The hardest job in life, and the least rewarding, is being a mother. Once you bring a child into this world you realize that none of them come with an instruction manual. The only thing each of us can do is whatever we feel is right for our child(ren), and most of us usually get a lot of it wrong. But, each and every Mother deserves an A for effort on this day.
So, if you can, just offer a smile, a few kind words, a flower, a small trinket, or even a card or a balloon. Not every Mom has someone to make this day special for her for whatever reason. And trust me, even the evil Moms that try and pretend that they don't care, they truly do want to.

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