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Thursday, July 24, 2014

So I Married A Werewolf Review

So I Married A Werewolf by Kristin Miller (ARC Review)
Published July 28, 2014 by Entangled Covet
3.5 Claws

"Great love story, just desperately lacking in action."

Synopsis -

Carter Griffin, enforcing officer for the Seattle Wolf Pack, has a problem. He's been offered the promotion of his dreams…if he can find a wife to prove he's over his playboy ways. But Carter's already walked the matrimonial road and bought the stinkin' T-shirt. Besides, a werewolf only gets one fated mate. Been there, done that.

All werewolf dog trainer Faith Hamilton wants to do is earn enough green stuff to put her younger brother through college. Okay, okay, so she also totally wants Carter, her sexy next-door neighbor, to look at her as more than a friend. It's too bad size 12 and plain isn't his type. At all.

The two friends strike a deal to help one another out. They must face a variety of challenges from a psycho ex-girlfriend to a Yorkie with a shoe fetish...and that pesky problem of only having one-fated mate in a lifetime. Will a relationship ruin their friendship…or spark a love neither anticipated?  (Goodreads)

Review -

Kristin Miller weaves together a perfect Contemporary Romance.  But that's just it, it is a Contemporary that just happens to have werewolves; werewolves that don't fight, not really anyway, aren't sex craved as most wolves are, they're basically just regular people who happen to get hairy every now and then.

Faith and Carter have been the best of friends from the moment she moved in next door.  So its only natural that when he needs a fake bride that she would be the perfect fit.  Its the perfect business arrangement; he gets the bride he needs, she gets her brothers' college tuition and they both get to keep their friendship in tact.  Since she has no real aspirations for him and he has already found and lost his Luminary, everything should go off without so much as a hitch.  Well, fate just may have other plans.

This novel is great for Contemporary fans who would like just a dose of the Paranormal world.  For fans of Werewolf books, maybe not so much; no fooling around with multiple partners, not much howling at the moon, and the claws really don't come out.  Pretty good read, just not my cup of blood, I mean tea.  I need action, violence and blood.  Though I will give this one credit, it is a beautiful love story.
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