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Monday, March 31, 2014

Rising Assets Review

"Sometimes friends with benefits can turn into so much more."
4 Stars (ARC Review)

Friends with benefits was never the plan…

Melanie Jacobs is in trouble. With three jobs—including running her ranch—and dwindling funds, she’s exhausted. Not to mention desperately trying to hide a secret. Unfortunately, her best friend Colton Freeze knows all too well that’s something is going on, and he won’t give up until he knows exactly what he needs to fix.

Then Colton learns the truth—that Melanie’s future happiness rests in the fickle hands of fate, and her chances for having a family are shrinking with every passing day. Her only comfort is Colton, but when a heated argument between them turns into an even hotter kiss, the boundaries of their friendship are erased, leaving only a scorching-hot hunger for more.

Every kiss—every touch—is a stolen pleasure. But will their new friends-with-sexy-benefits arrangement bring them closer together, or destroy everything they once shared? (Goodreads)

Review -
So, for the very first time in the entirety of my life, I willingly read a contemporary romance novel.  Which I only did because I love the author's writing.  And though it didn't make me entirely want to puke my guts out, I think I'll just stick with her Dark Protectors Series.  For Contemporary lovers, this will be a great read, me, I am going to start wearing a sign that says 'Must Have Fangs'.  All in all it was an enjoyable read, just not enough to convert me.

The story-line is a truly great one.  Centered on two people who have been best of friends for as long as the other can remember, Melanie Jacoby and Colton Freeze.  Colton comes back in town to find Melanie, the girl whom he has always felt protective of, not only working three jobs to be able to get by, but also the fact that she is now a fully grown and well developed woman.   What Colt doesn't know is that Melanie is going through both financial and medical problems as well.  And while he has planned everything out in his life, even down to when he would fall in love and settle down.  He is about to learn that sometimes you have to just sit back and let destiny take its course, and one slip of a kiss is all it needs to put fate in motion.  Which can sometimes be a truly good thing indeed.

Full of romance, love, family, friendship and a whole lot of heat in between the sheets.  A woman most will be able to empathize with and a man readers will be wishing would come and sweep them off of there feet.  Can be read as a stand alone, but to get to know the entire Freeze Clan and their backstories, readers may want to pick up Maverick Brothers 1 and 2.
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