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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Demon Creed Review

Demon Creed by Paula Altenburg (ARC Review)
Demon Outlaws Book 3
Published May 26, 2014 by Entangled
4 Demonic Fangs

"No matter how much the world may change, some form of discrimination  will always remain."

Review -

Though there were quite a few aspects about this story that just plain pissed me off, the fact that I was still able to enjoy it overall just attests' to how great an author Paula Altenburg is.

Creed knows first hand that you are not defied by the people who created you.  Whether your father is mortal or demon, no-one is born inherently evil, is child is just that, a child.  After-all, he became a Godseeker Assassin to see justice carried out, though recent events have him reassessing his decision.  So it should not come as a surprise that he is determined to find half-demon children who have been turned out to the world, alone.  Some having no-one to turn to, letting their demon half take full reign, becoming the very spawn that mortals fear.  Willow on the other hand, while seeking out these children and raising them as her own, she has very different intentions for them.  She sees all half-demons as superior to all mortals.  By teaching them such, she very well may be creating their downfall and costing them their lives.

Nieve is the mother of one of those very half-demons they seek, a boy she sees as nothing more than her beautiful son from the very first time she laid eyes on him. A boy who was taken away from her and sold into slavery by the very man she is forced to call master.  For a full year she had no memory of him, one of his many talents, until a stranger comes seeking information on half-demon children being sold.  Not only does he open up the floodgate on her memories of her child, but also the vicious ones of his Demon father.  Though she may be fearful of him once she senses his demonic nature, she will stop at nothing to find her child, even if that means sleeping with the enemy.

Full of violence, intrigue and characters to pull at your heartstrings, Demon Creed is truly a worthwhile read.  I recommend reading the first two books first, something I didn't do, to learn more of the world of the Demon Outlaws.  Such as why are women in slavery, and viewed upon as nothing more than property; wife, whore or slave.  And how does a woman claim a demon when they have no demon within them, especially when its the demon half they are afraid of.   Readers picking this up as a stand alone may be lost on some aspects, but not so much so that they will not be able to enjoy this read.

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