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Friday, March 6, 2015

Spotlight: The Mirrored Room

The Mirrored Room by Anthony Crowley
Self Published January 20, 2015 


Simon Kessler, is a reality television Psychic about to embark on the biggest show of his career. But eventually learns that he has been living in denial since the murder of his true love, Isabelle.

Gradually he discovers a secret conspiracy which has been undiscovered for many years. This is a story of deception, lies, and betrayal of the untold truth of Simon Kessler's life as he begins to learn more about himself, and the dark magickal past of his friends and family.



As wind swept through the midst of the midnight hour, with only a sound of rattling trash cans and cats that prowl Denver street nearly every night, an echo of footsteps began from the corner of the street, as if someone was about to run to catch the last train home. Out of the shadow, from a distance, a figure in black panted like a tired dog with his leather gloved hand shifting through a dark trouser leg pocket, as if seeking some money. A blood-stained blade appeared, however, while a hellish scream kissed the night in a tormented moment of glory. The slim-looking shadow of a man began to laugh while shining his blood-stained weapon.

What just happened? I cannot believe I just had another nightmare! Its always the same. Damn! I’ve got to get ready for another day at the studio.’ Said Simon Kessler.

Simon had an athletic physique and stood about six feet tall. He wore his blonde hair short and enjoyed a very good complexion. He took pride in his appearance at all times, but he was also a man on a very important mission, especially during his Television broadcasts as a Psychic communicating with deceased relatives of his audience. Two hours away from the five hundredth broadcasted live to a majority of cities, Simon Kessler had his work cut out for a special show with the afterlife. He wanted to express to his audience how well he could do his job. As Simon woke, disturbed by another dream, his face appeared pale as the moon, as if he had slept rough on the sinister streets.

Is that the time? I only have an hour to get ready and to show the population how good I can do this!’

He dragged himself out of bed and he went to the bathroom to freshen up for the forthcoming event. Simon donned his favourite pinstripe suit and his shiny, carvela shoes. He looked like a member of the Sicilian mafia.

These shoes look very familiar,’ he said as he began searching within his suit pocket for his business diary. Eventually he got himself together to go to work and headed directly into his kitchen for a quick fix of Oreo biscuits and tropical juice. He was starting to panic because he did not want to miss the  event deadline. He was quickly drinking the fruit juice when the glass slid out of his grip and shattered on the floor with a deafening impact.

Shit! I’ll clean that up later,’ he said while he shuffled in his pocket for his wagon keys.

A bit nervous of what might become of him after the show, he popped the lid from a bottle of anti-depressants given to him by his Manager/Agent, Mr.Jack Hodges. In his car, and about to rev up his engine, he startled when his phone began to ring. It was his Manager.

He instantly answered his phone,

Simon, where are you? This is your special moment, so please get your ass over here to make history!’ said Mr.Jack Hodges whom was always impatient and thought he was above most in his profession of reality television media.

‘I would be halfway there if you didn’t keep pestering me. See you shortly, Jack.’ Said Simon in a hurried voice, while he began his short journey to the Television Studios.

 On his way, he felt a little drowsy due to the anti-depressant tablets he had taken, and they also gave him a frequent food craving. He decided to stop by at Duquette’s French cafĂ© for a quick sandwich of his favourite, a cheese and red onion chutney on wholemeal bread. He slapped his face to keep awake.

‘Stay awake. Not long to go now, and it will soon be over.’  He said, giving himself some relief. Within a matter of minutes, he reached the studios. He carried a good luck charm which he kept close to his chest pocket daily and kissed it every morning without fail. The charm was given to him by his spiritual guru and friend. Finally, Simon arrived and wanted to park his wagon near the entrance of the studio complex. The building was of an enormous structure, dome-shaped with a huge metal framework that resembled a dungeon. Atop the building was a sign large enough to be seen for miles. It read Spectrum Network Communications Centre. The fact that the car park was in total gridlock and the centre’s futuristic and alien-like appearance made Simon more nervous than ever. Huge revolving doors allowed him to see a modernised shopping centre, and an ornamental water fountain with a statue of Nostradamus whom was an ancient Prophet from a region of France. By the revolving doors, Jack Hodges walked back and forth at a brisk pace, making a call on his cell phone. Simon waved at Jack, trying very hard to grab his attention. When this didn’t work, Simon, whose mission was to satisfy his audience and make a very good impression, started to shout at Jack.

‘Hey! I’m here!’

When Jack finally took notice, he turned his phone off.

‘At last, you are here. You haven’t been taking pills again? We haven’t got long before the show begins. Oh, by the way, a woman rang the office asking for you’

Simon wondered who wanted to make contact at short notice.

‘Did she leave any details or say what she wanted?’

I told her to ring back when youre not too busy and told her you’re a very important person,’ said Jack in a jealous tone. While meditating before the show, Simon began to hear voices in his head of a strong, surreal nature. The atmosphere surrounding him grew very cold and isolated, like he wasn’t alone anymore in the dressing room. Someone or something was sharing his private space with him. The room temperature was dropping at an alarming rate, and he felt more isolated than he ever had before. Being a Psychic had its advantages, but sharing his own emotions and privacy was a totally different matter, especially for him. Was it a sign from someone who had been close to him and who was trying to escape the wrong kind of spiritual path? But who? Simon continued to meditate, or at least tried to. A clear vision appeared of a silhouette- a female with long silk-like wings who stood motionless yet drawn into a pool of blood, like an Angel sinking into a swamp of evil, unnatural thoughts. Simon considered that the vision could be two spirits from the afterlife, one good and one evil, attempting to communicate with him, to send him a message of some great importance. But the time had arrived for his special show. How could he fully concentrate after such an episode? His heart pounded at a catastrophic rate while he clicked the well-manicured nails of his fidgeting hands. The time had come from Simon Kessler to enter the arena. He was like  a Roman Gladiator entering a stadium with a pack of lions, but there wasn’t a lion in sigh- just well-respected people who paid good money to see their favourite Television Psychic on this special anniversary. A cameraman counted down the seconds to broadcast time, ‘Three, two, one, and action-!’

Simon began introducing the show.

‘Hi there, and welcome to a special episode of ‘The Afterlife with Simon Kessler-‘

He perused the audience while his manager wore a pessimistic frown, as usual, behind the arena curtain like a scared child being punished. 


Anthony Crowley (born 1979, Birmingham in U.K). From a young age of 6, Anthony began to take an interest in English literature and Poetry from an early childhood.Then throughout his teenage years he studied music and achieving song-writing skills,whilst still creating his visions. He also achieved a diploma in creative writing with a college located in Oxford,England. Anthony has also written short stories for student newsletters,horror monthly's and appears on the 'A LIST' of the IDPA (International Directory of Published Authors), NFAA (Non Fiction Authors Association). The present day Anthony Crowley is also a featured contributor to 'Haunted after Dark' with his very own dark haven of 'Crowley's Crypt' and has written many works of literature & poetry for publications such as Massacre Magazine,The Horror Zine, Sanitarium magazine, HelloHorror, Sub-Verse and Fiction Terrifica. Anthony Crowley has also appeared as an official Judge for the 'British Horror Film Festival 2014' and recently his forthcoming anthology of Horror tales 'Doomsday After Midnight' is nominated at the 'AuthorsdB' BOOK AWARDS 2014. The dark verse of 'The Fallen Angel' featured in Sanitarium Magazine,issue 14. The work itself was mentioned via a live radio podcast on the evening of Halloween 2013. The Devils Foot Soldier' was another dark verse which was inspired by the 'Slasher Icon' movie of 2011 'The Orphan Killer' which was positively recognised by the movies creators and the written piece is now featured at American based Blood Born Magazine several more features and frequent media interviews and being ranked as "one of the best Modern Authors in recent years" Horror-Web described him by the following statement 'Anthony Crowley is one of the most prolific and talented authors of dark prose and poetry During a recent interview on the 'Sinister Scribblings' Mr Crowley has been placed amongst the likes of Poe, Lovecraft and Clarke Ashton Smith. Forthcoming Novella 'The Mirrored Room' was ranked in the 'Semi-Finals' at 'AuthorsdB' Book Awards of 2013,and ranked four times in the 'Top 100' list of popular Authors and not forgetting being a trending Author for many consecutive months and a featured Author on numerous literature and Horror themed websites and more. Presently, Anthony Crowley has published best-selling Horror anthology 'Tombstones' which was described by US Horror podcast show 'The Mouths of Madness' as "Beautiful Dark Prose" and the introduction to a new dark series 'The Black Diaries' which is currently being introduced as a new edition paperback edited by Simon Marshall-Jones (Spectral Press). Anthony Crowley dubbed 'the Master of Realities' is always creating new and exciting projects within the subjects of speculative literature and Horror,Occult and Historic references..Anthony is Currently residing in England.

Interview from Zero-Signal Magazine

I’ve never met Anthony Crowley. We have exchanged messages on FaceBitch and via email but other than what he has posted and what he’s told me I know nothing about him. He does seem to have a dark twist in his creative soul and, of course, that caught my attention. Since I knew so little about him I decided that the best way to learn about him was to conduct an interview. That’s what we have here. My/your/our introduction to Mr. Anthony Crowley; author, poet and musician. 

Jim Dodge) Why should people know the name Anthony Crowley? What are you doing to bring attention to yourself? 

Anthony Crowley) Because I am an entertaining, slightly eccentric connoisseur of horror. Many people can relate to my literature, whether in dark poetic verse or fiction and non-fiction. I am extremely honest as a person; sometimes people say I am too honest. But I believe that is a good thing. It can be a circus out there amongst certain circles. I tend to be my own ringmaster. 

Jim) Besides being a poet and an author, in what other ways are you creative? Anthony) I am also a magazine contributor and very passionate about music and art, photography. Jim) Who/what inspired you to write? 

Anthony) Writing has always been a part of my life. As a child I was inspired initially by my grandfather. Gradually through the years I observed everything around me, whether good and bad times and channeled those energies into my literary escapes. 

Jim) Do you aim for shock value or is your dark side sincere; a reflection of your inner self? 

Anthony) I believe we all have a dark side within us. It is healthy balance to keep us sane. I also believe that if anything is achieved just to gain attention it wouldn’t last. Hard work and confidence achieves the best outcome. 

Jim) You seem to release books pretty rapidly. Are you self-published or do you have a company (or companies) that release your work? 

Anthony) Both. I do self-publish my work and have my work published by companies. 

Jim) Do your books sell well or is this more of a vanity project? 

Anthony) My first release was a short story “The Light of Keeps Passage”, that hardly didn’t sell on release. But when my readers saw and noticed my continued works it changed because with every creative

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