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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Spotlight: Intimate Connections

Intimate Connections by P. D. Baldwin
Published February 25, 2019 by Dark Half Publishing


Webster defines intimacy as “a state of being intimate or familiarity”. It also describes it as “something of a personal or private nature.” For couples like Perry and Brianna, Lance and Amber, and Chris and Melanie, intimacy is all about seizing every possible moment and keeping the fires burning. Newlyweds like Craig and Tamara and married vets like Ben and Pam prove that there’s something magical about throwing caution to the wind and surrendering to your deepest desires. But as Colin and Leslie show us, intimacy isn’t confined to a relationship or even a bedroom. Intimacy can be shared by anyone at any time, even co-workers on a desktop. And for those who may have traded a sweet caress for financial success, Jasmine and Brent have a special recipe for rekindling a dying a flame! These are but a few of the characters you’ll meet on this journey, but one there’s one universal thing that binds them; the pursuit of intimacy! 

So sit back, relax, and allow this tantalizing collection of erotic tales to engulf you in passionate desires and while you’re here, enjoy a preview of my upcoming novel, Blood Ties.


About the Author:

P. D. Baldwin is a creator, thinker, and an award winning author who gains creative inspiration from everything he touches from comic books, graphic novels, and video games to TV, movies, and real life experiences. Having discovered his passion for writing at an early age, Baldwin strives to invent new and exciting stories for a variety of genres. His current collection of erotic short stories, poems, and novels reflects a desire to forge a new literary path that will provide enjoyment for all types of readers. Written in a style meant to elicit the maximum amount of excitement and stimulation from his audience, Baldwin’s books embrace every type of fantasy imaginable from erotica to espionage. With strong characters and a wide variety of plots, each story will place you right in the middle of the action by making you your very own protagonist.

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