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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Marked by Hades Review

Marked by Hades by Reese Monroe (ARC Review)
Bound by Hades Book 2
Published April 14, 2014
4 Demonic Fangs

"Full of non-stop action, brutality and mayhem, but..."

Review - 

Kind of have mixed emotions about this one.  While it was a good read, having all of the qualities I look for in a great read; plot, violence, Dark Romance, deadly characters, brutality, fangs, blood.  What I didn't like, and pretty much left me extremely pissed off, was the outcome of the heroine, Yvonne/Dyre.

Imagine waking up with nothing, not the shirt on your back nor any clue as to who, or what, you are.  Only two things you know for certain, your name and the fact that if you so much as touch a living thing, from plant to human being, they turn to dust.  Which is truly an ingenious punishment for a former Demon who craves nothing more than touch.  A punishment delivered by none other than the Devil himself.  What Lucifer doesn't realize is how that punishment may effect him in the long run.

Justin has been bound and determined to never ever take a Mate, there just isn't one for him.  Sure, he is ecstatically happy that Theo found his Mate Sadie, after-all a Guardian, an immortal charged with sending Demons to the eternal flames of Hades, needs his/her Mate to come into their full powers, but he is just a Companion, what would he need one for.  Well, not only will his Ahava, mate, receive her mark, when he learns who she is he's in for a shock.  But when he learns what she is, and the part she played in the kidnapping that almost took not only his brother's life but his as well.  Just because she receives her mark, and he his, does not mean he has to go through with the mating.  A decision he will regret when she is taken away from him.

Everyone is in a desperate search to find the remaining Artifacts, the only known weapons able to cause harm to Lucifer.  Along the way they will learn that the Great One isn't the only one to send his creations on journeys to keep them motivated.  Full of love, lust, violence, mayhem, blood and brutality, and characters readers will both love and be able to connect with.  And a bittersweet happy almost ending leaving readers pissed off for the heroine, a dreadful reminder that not everyone gets a happy ending.

While this Marked by Hades can be read as a stand alone, as I did, readers may want to pick up book one first, Forged by Hades, to get a real feel of what is going on.  And to see Dyre as she was before.

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