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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Interview With the Author: Hunting Desire

Paranormal Romance
Date Published: October 23, 2014

Gavin Kincaid and the other Guardians have protected the Shattered City for centuries. But now he faces the one threat even his werewolf strength can't overcome alone: demons are attacking the city from within. His superior calls in elite Hell Hunter Nerine. 

Gavin doesn't want outside help. But to his shock, he discovers he wants the beautiful tracker like no other woman he's ever met. 

Nerine carries a secret that might just kill her. To protect it, she keeps everyone at arm's length, but her desire for Gavin may make that impossible. 

Together, they fight the demons determined to destroy the Shattered City and seize the powerful, mysterious artifacts it holds, until a hidden enemy strikes. Now Nerine must face the demons within her to save Gavin, the city...and the world.

C.M. Dahl

C.M. Dahl has been writing romances since she was eight years old and wrote the story of forbidden love between a stuffed crocodile and a plastic doll in pink magic marker. The crocodile helped the doll cross a dangerous puddle in the backyard and earned the doll's respect. They fell in love after fighting off a legion of green army men.

Her storytelling and her writing tools have grown more sophisticated over the years, but her love for romance has only deepened. She loves writing strong, capable men and women, who have a burning hot attraction between them, learn to respect each other, and fall in love, all while fighting evil and saving the world, of course!

Currently, C.M. writes paranormal romances in the Shattered City series, including Hunting Desire (October 2014), Demon's Dance (November 2014), and Ian & Lilith's story (December 2014). Visit C.M. at her website,, and sign-up for her mailing list to be the first to hear about her new releases here:


Interview With the Author:

Why Paranormal? Are you truly interested in the Supernatural World, or is it just a huge money making genre?

I’ve always loved the paranormal and the fantastic. It’s impossible for me to write something without adding some paranormal or fantasy elements—this is what I enjoy, so it ends up in all of my work. Paranormal romance may be trendy right now, but I’ll still be writing paranormal romance in the future, regardless of trends. 

Is writing your one true passion? How long have you known it was?

Yes. Writing has been my passion since the first time I realized that I could share the stories in my head by writing them down for others to read. I was seven or eight years old, I think. My mother read a lot of Boxcar Children fanfiction that year!

How many books will your series consist of?

I have several books planned for this series, and a timeline for the events in the world. There’s not a set number. I hope to write a long series, because those are my favorites as a reader, and I’ve created a world with many characters whose stories I’m excited to tell.

If you had never been picked up by a Publisher, would you have Self-Published?

I actually self-published as a first choice—I never considered submitting to a publisher. I didn’t want to give up control of my world, and I didn’t see enough value added by a traditional publisher to take that path. These are exciting times to be a writer—there are more options now than ever before!

Samhain is upon us, the veil at its thinnest, is there anyone you would like to see one last time?

I’d like to see my great-grandmother—she had such a zest for life and a positive attitude, no matter what happened. Even at the end of her life, she told jokes and enjoyed each day. I have a lot of great memories of her, and I try to emulate her attitude in my own life. I’d love to laugh with her again.

Are your characters based on anyone in particular in your life?

No, my characters aren’t based on anyone, really. My characters come to me with the story, and they show me who they are as I develop the story. Writing is a lot of work for me, but the characters are a little bit magical.

What, or who, is your greatest muse?

When I want to be inspired, I love to read books. They’ve always been my refuge and when I read a great story, I feel energized in my own writing. I think, I want to do that, and then I dig into my work.                                                                                                                                                                    
Have you ever had a Paranormal experience?

I haven’t had one. I think a lot of people have the experience of going to places where I’ve felt uncomfortable for no reason—like someone is watching, but no one is there. But I have cats, so I’m always inclined to attribute anything strange that happens at home to them. ;)

What is your TBR list for this month?

My TBR is so long! This month I’ll finish the most recent Nora Roberts trilogy—Blood Magick is the third book, I think, and comes out next week. I’m reading Monique Martin’s Out of Time series, and I won’t finish that for a while. I’ll probably also read another book in Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs series. I love mysteries, but I can almost never figure out whodunit!

What Author, if any, do you just have to read their book(s) no matter what genre they have written in, and even you have heard bad things about?

Nora Roberts is in this category for me, especially her J.D. Robb books. Even if an individual installment in the In Death series isn’t getting great reviews, I have to keep up with the characters—I’m very attached to them!

I read all of Rosalind James’ books—her New Zealand books make me feel like I’ve had a mini-vacation.

If you couldn't make any money at all with your writing, would you still do it?

Yes, absolutely. I write because I need to—even if I couldn’t make any money, I would still have to tell stories. I’ll be a writer for the rest of my life.

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