Rating System

The rating system is a little different here, as you may have noticed, than on other review sites.  No plain stars, hoot or thumbs here.  And there should not be much question as to witch (typo is deliberate) genre these books are.  Yes, there are many different aspects to PRN reads and, surprisingly, not all of the books read here have Vampires.  So, the ratings pertain to what aspect each book is about.  It there are Vampires centered in the book the ratings will be done in Fangs.  If the book is based on a more magical aspect, and/or Pantheons, Mystical Stars.  Voodoo/Hoodoo will be Crossbones.  Any questions, never hesitate to ask.  I don't bite, unless you ask very nicely.

1 Crooked Fang - You couldn't pay me to read it again.
2 Chipped Fangs - Those were Vampires?  Really??  More like ppl wearing fangs!
3 Fangs - Not too bad, but not great either.
4 Bloody Fangs - Good read, just missing.....something.
5 BLOODY FANGS!!!! - Great read!! And highly recommend!

1 Dying Star - ***blank stare***
2 Falling Stars - This book was supposed to be about what exactly???
3 Shimmering Stars - Not too bad, but not great.
4 Mystical Stars - Good read, just missing....something.
5 MYSTICAL STARS!!!! -  Great read!!! When is the next 1 coming out?!

1 Sickly Chicken Bone - Does this person even KNOW what voodoo is?
2 Broken Bones - Yeah, uh no, try that again.
3 Gris Gris Bags - Almost there, just not quite
4 Cross Bones - Good read, just missing....something.
5 CROSS BONES!!! - Great read!!!  The Baron would be proud!!

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