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Friday, June 26, 2015

Blog Tour: The Blood of Woobane

Date Published: January 2015

Once they bayou was thick with it. The buttery yellow petals. The delicately veined green leaves. The seductive scent of wolfbane.


Philip was happy now that he had his pint of old character and decided to take a shortcut through the graveyard toward home. He paused every now and then to speak to the headstones or crypt of some poor departed soul he had known it better days. Then he heard a moaning. He looked around, spotting a huge mound of earth that he did not remember being there the last time, he took this short cut. Philip decided to look. He staggered toward the mound of earth, stopping as he heard a snarling sound. It was muffled, as it came from the grave itself.


The cats lay silent in their hidden places, waiting out the storm…and watching, as strange, misshapen creatures rose from out of the ground, cooing out of the dark swamps. The Beasts stood in the rain; they were not fearful of this rain, for they knew it had been sent by their Master. They stretched their arms and loosened their muscles. They had been asleep for a long, long time. And now they were free.

Huge, clawed hands waved through the wet air powerful jaws that dripped stinking saliva snapped at nothing. The fangs of the Beast were four to five inches long, and yellow. The creatures, well over six feet tall when erect, weighed between two hundred and fifty and three hundred pounds. Their eyes were small and evil, with Hell-sent hate shining bloodred. Their bodies were covered with thick, coarse hair.

The cats lay concealed and watched the Beasts as they stretched and growled. And the cats knew that the devil’s work had just begun….

Guest Post
Hardest thing about character development

The character have to talk like themselves and not how I would talk sometimes that involves me talking out loud to see how it sounds.  It is too much like me, then I need to change it especially  if it is  a teenager.

My favorite authors are: 

1. Clive Barker; It is impossible to please everyone when it comes to any form of top 10.  List

2.     Joe Lansdale is one versatile due very spooky

3. Dan Simmons approaches horror well, he’s an attention thief.

4. Dean Koontz I myself however, still consider the man an excellent write who, when he gets it right, gets it really right.

5.    Ramsey Campbell; The man’s mind seems to function on the same intricate plane, that Clive Barker Traverses, and I love it.

6.    Stephen King: isn’t remotely near as Campbell or  even as prolific as Koontz. But he’s got magic in his mind, and it bleeds onto paper in wondrous fashion.

7.     Edgar Allen POE; He creates so much suspense and it’s like he’s right they’re telling you an ancient story that has been passed  down from generations but had neither there less decreased its scariness   

8.      Bram Stoker; One of the greatest writers of all  genres, of the 20th centaury.

9.      Bentley Little; His novels made me stay awake all night, unable to put it down.

10.    Peter Staub;  Every book has written has entranced me spooked the heck out of me.

10 things readers would be surprised to know about me

1. I love to cook
2. I love doges 
3. I three younger sisters
4. My son is my best friend
5. I  love music 
6. I love to read a good horror book

Day  in   my writing life

1 alarm goes off and  I’m to work  checked e-mail
worked 8 hour come home shower, eat dinner  check email
 and phones messages write  for 3 hours

About the Author

Joann Harris was born in Durham, North Carolina and from an early age, she always wanted to write horror. What is it about horror that she finds so tantalizing? For one she finds terror a thrill a minute. Even when she was a teen she taunted her friends and relatives with stories about blood and gore, embellishing on the sordid details as they squirmed and cringed. Harris currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

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