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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Review: Demon Hunting With the Sexy Ex

Demon Hunting With a Sexy Ex
Demon Hunting Book 5
Publication Date September 19, 2017 by Lyrical Press
Reviewed by Janet
5 Demonic Horns!


Cassandra Ferguson McKenna, aka the Witch of Devil River, has only one thing to say to her demon-hunting ex: We are never ever getting back together. Sure, Duncan Dalvhani may be the hottest thing this side of the Mason-Dixon line. He’s got a body to die for—which is hard to ignore when he skinny dips in her river every day—and swears he loves her. But as a demon hunter, Duncan is the sworn enemy of a demonoid sorceress like Cassandra. Give him another chance to break her heart? Witch, please. But when Cassandra is attacked by a werewolf, Duncan not only comes to her rescue, he helps her take on a band of magic-drunk moonshiners, fire-breathing demons, shifty shapeshifters, and a pet Sasquatch named Sugar. Welcome to Alabama. But when a portal opens up for even more hellaciousness, Cassandra has to admit that Duncan is slowly opening her heart—to a whole new world of unearthly delights... (Goodreads)


Usually with the first book in a series, it's too hard to follow along without feeling lost in a brand new world. Not with this book! Even though this is the fifth book in the series, and my first time picking up a book within it, I was able to enjoy it just as much as I would a stand-alone.

Lexis George did an excellent job at creating a story that was not only well written , but also really fun to read. The characters were well developed with very interesting personalities. 

For readers who haven't picked up any of the other books in this series, I say give it a try!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Blog Tour and Review: Love Me To Death

Love Me To Death
by:  Marissa Clarke


Medical research scientist Elena Arcos has always lived her life under the radar. When she is shot in a convenience store robbery, Elena finds herself rocketed into supernatural insanity courtesy of a sexy immortal law enforcer. He’s convinced she’s some kind of freaky half-vampire thing and that her deceased dad was the real deal: a blood sucking monster. Yeah, right.

Nikolai Itzov never anticipated battling the urge to kiss the offspring of his father’s murderer. As a Slayer, an elite law enforcer descended from Azrael himself, his orders from the Underveil General are clear: Kill her or die.

Nikolai and Elena find themselves in a life and death battle to stop a plot designed to lift the Underveil and enslave humans. With her analytical mind and his centuries of training, they might be able to foil the plot with their lives and maybe their hearts intact. But in order to succeed, he must help her become the very thing he hates the most: an Undead.

Entangled Select:
Twitter: @EntangledSelect Steals and Deals

Author Bio: Marissa Clarke lives in Texas, where everything is bigger, especially the mosquitoes. 

When not writing, she wrangles her rowdy pack of three teens, husband, and a Cairn Terrier named Annabel, who rules the house (and Marissa's heart) with an iron paw.  She loves to connect with readers, so follow/friend her on Facebook and Twitter or shoot her an email from her website "Contact" page.

 Website * Twitter * Blog * Facebook * Goodreads * Newsletter 

4 Bloody Fangs

Marissa Clarke will sink her fangs into readers from page one and keep latched on until the very last page. Fast paced, action packed read with plenty of characters to love and ones readers will love to hate.

All Elena Acros wanted to do was grab a candy bar to regulate her sugar. What she gets instead is her life turned upside down and thrust into a world she could never have even imagined existed, but apparently was born a part of. A world consisting of every mythical faction ever though of, and some never even imagined. As if that isn't a shock enough to her system, there is also a very large bounty on her head. And the egocentric, overbearing, control freak of a Slayer charged with the task of taking her life has also taken over her libido. Though the fact that he continues to drag her around like a puppy dog while he decides on if he should, she has a couple tricks up her own sleeve to in order to cut the leash.'

Nikolai has had one goal for the past fifteen years, avenge his father. So when he is assigned the task to take out his killers offspring, he is more than up for it. Only when he gets up close and personal, he realizes there is much more to her than what he was led to believe. The he now must answer is not only what exactly she is, but what was the true reason her execution was ordered. Nik ends up being in a race against time because the prophecy embedded on his flesh is also on hers.

Love Me to Death is much more than just a Paranormal Romance, it is an intriguing tail that lovers of the Supernatural are sure to eat up. With a heroine who doesn't just sit around and mope when she learns her fate and what she truly is, but embraces that power and faces it head on. While it may not be a complete mystery of whodunnit, learning all the players that took part and learning which characters are what they seem to be is a highly entertaining thrill ride. One can't go wrong with a muumuu that purrs, literally.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Brightarrow Burning Review

Brightarrow Burning by Isabo Kelly (ARC Review)
Fire and Tears Book 1
Published October 11, 2011 by Samhain Publishing
4 Mystical Stars

"Not an easy feat to sum up an entire novel in less than a hundred pages, yet Isabo Kelly has done just that"

Synopsis - 

War tore them apart. Betrayal could bring them together…

Layla Brightarrow’s world fell apart the day the Sorcerers invaded her city, intent on using her fellow humans’ pain to augment their spells. Worse, the neighboring elven kingdom declared neutrality, effectively abandoning her people to struggle for survival.

Then some of the elves break neutrality to trade with the Sorcerers, and Layla is ordered to assassinate Althir, brother of the elf lord she has secretly loved all her life.

When Ulric of Glengowyn uncovers his brother’s plot—and that Layla is one of the assassins sent to stop him—his first instinct is to protect her from all possible harm. He’ll even use seduction, if necessary, to get her into a position to talk some sense into her.

Years of pent-up desire is too much for Layla to resist…and one touch unleashes an unquenchable fire that changes everything. Leaving Layla caught between duty and a love that could be her destruction. Or her salvation.

Warning: This book contains evil sorcerers, a scarred heroine, a sexy elf hero, naughty language, and an intoxicating and addicting pheromone that leads to wildly hot sex. Plus traitors, deadly magic, bespelled baddies, and a really, really rotten brother.  (Goodreads)


Looking for a steamy-melt-your-panties/boxers-off hot read to fill up a lonely night, this is the read for you.  This Paranormal Erotica is filled with thrills, chills and enough heat to make your knees go weak.  A love between a human and an elf that has blossomed for years, even neither was the wiser of how the other felt.  Though being on the brink of war would do that.  But when all that heat finally builds up to its boiling point, they may go past the point of no return, and oh how sweet it is.

Layla is an Assassin, determined to do her part in a war that is enslaving her people.  So it is easy to understand her trust issues with the man, well Elf, that she is in love with, Ulrich.  Since her present target is none other than his only brother.  After-all, blood is thicker than lust.  So when Ulrich reenters her life, she has to determine whether he is indeed trying to protect her, or simply use her.

Brightarrow Burning is the perfect set up for the series to come. Fire and Tears Book 2, The Darkness of Glengowyn  is expected out April 29, 2014.  Readers who are looking for a good, quick read to spice up their night, that also includes a plot, are sure to enjoy this read.

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