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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Deceptions Review

Deceptions by Sean Hayden
DemonKin Book 2
Re-Published October 21, 2014 by Untold Press
4.5 Demonic Fangs

"When finally meeting your proverbial parent, the last thing you expect to hear is, 'Would you do me a favor and kill yourself now?'"

Synopsis -

The great State of California has elected themselves a new governor…and he’s a vampire! Many hope it will bring some peace between the humans and vampires. Many don’t, which could be the reason someone is trying to kill him. Knowing they can’t protect him from supernatural terrorist attacks, the Department of Homeland Security turns to the only people who can, the FBI. More importantly, their only vampire agent. Ashlyn may be Governor Greer’s only hope, but can she keep him alive without starting a war of her own? When the lines begin to blur and it becomes difficult to separate her enemies from her allies, Ashlyn may end up doing just that. (Goodreads)

Review -

Seeing as how the great citizens did vote Arnold Schwarqenager for governor of their lovely state, it really isn't that far a stretch to believe they would also elect a vampire. Though electing the terminator was a lot less detrimental to their health than Governor Greer, a very ancient vampire. And while the humans may have been eager to have him in a ruling position over them, the vampires may not share those feelings. A fact made clear after several attempts on his life. Since human guards and agents alike seem to have quite a it of a hard time staying alive while attempting to protect him, who better to call in than the one agent they have that seems practically indestructible? Problem with that is by the end of things, Ashlyn may be more than ready to either let the would-be assassins have at him, or just do the job herself.

Ashlyn's life has been in a huge upheaval ever since losing her aunt. Not only has she been forced out into a world she knows virtually nothing about, but she is still struggling to find exactly what she is. She seems to stand out in a whole new vampire classification all on her own and been named the Verminator, as she is a predator of predators. Not sure how she truly feels about being an FBI agent she continues on as one since she really doesn't know anything else, nor anyone, besides Marcel; who insists Ashlyn learn vampire etiquette before she gets herself killed from sheer ignorance of their world. Having already lost one partner, Ashlyn is bound and determined not to lose another. But with this assignment that is a task that seems like mission impossible.

Ashlyn also meets a couple her relatives, one in which shows her a glimpse into the past and introduces her, so to speak, to dear old dad. Not sure if what she has seen is reality, Ashlyn is more than happy to live in the land of denial. Until she another rather unfriendly character that calls her 'cousin', and there are quite a few resemblances that she cannot overlook.

Fast paced action from beginning to end, and a surprising conclusion that will have readers eyes bucking out of their heads. Usually in most mysteries, the reader comes to the conclusion long before the hero/heroine, not the case here. The realization hits right at the same moment it does for Ashlyn. Full of violence, mayhem, more than a little comic relief and a tear jerking end, all true vampire lovers will gladly sink their fangs into this one and latch on until they have drained every last word dry. Deceptions and the Demonkin series as a whole is a true must read.
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