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Monday, March 24, 2014

Sex and the Single Vamp Review

3.5 Fangs

"Perfect book for Contemporary Romance readers who would like to take a dip into PNR."

Review - 

Robin Covington, usually a Contemporary Romance author, dips her hands into the ever-growing pool of the Vampire world.  Many authors have tried to venture off into unknown territory and failed miserably.  Covington didn't do too bad, a little more blood, gore and violence, and a little more believe-ability, and she'll be right there hitting the mark.   So true vampire fans, this is a great quick read for when in between reads, when impatiently awaiting for that next book in a series to come out, it's an excellent filler.  As long as you look past the slights and miscalculations, and aren't too much of a stickler for detail, like me.  Contemporary readers, especially those who are virgin's to all things vampire, this is a great read to tip-toe you in.

Felicity "Cici" Trenton has always believed in and longed for true love.  Since she hasn't been able to find it for herself, she has done the next best thing, in her own eyes anyway.  Opening up a Match Maker business, "Your 'Other' Half", where Others, such as Were's, Vampire's, Shapeshifters', are paired up with humans.  Not just for a casual hook up, but for holy matrimony.  Something I am in full agreement with Deacon, her Maker/Fling/First Love on, that has got to be the most insane thing she could have come up with.  Its one thing for an 'Other' to inadvertently fall in love with a human.  But to actively seek one out, not knowing if their body/blood would be compatible to change them over to what you are, and you would only have one lifetime with him/her and continue to live a dozen more...  So it should come as to no surprise that other people think that way as well, and it puts under the scrutinizing gaze of fanatics than would like nothing more than to see her business in ruins, but to see her completely dead.  Well, her dead and vengeance on Deacon, and killing Cici would be like getting two birds with the same stone.  What is a surprise is who the killer turns out to be.

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