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Thursday, June 18, 2020

New Release: Lady Killers

Lady Killers by T. A. Moorman
Published June 12, 2020 by GothicMoms Studios
Killers Book 1

31 Authors, 31 Flavors of Candy, 31 Stand-Alone Books in the Month of June, 1 Book Releasing Everyday. The Candy Shop Series!

Lady Killers: from the Jellybean Candy Shop

Be careful what you witch for...

Most serial killers are men, even more of them are human, some aren't either one.

Camille always figured that one day, she'd take over the family business running the Jellybean Candy Shop. She just never knew that murder was part of the deal. Or that she wasn't exactly human. At least the humans she and her friends were tasked with killing deserved it. And since they had magic covering their tracks should be easy peasy, right?

Enter Detective Marquis Jordan. He had his eyes set on the popular candy shop, knowing something was amiss. He just couldn't seem to figure out what. And he wasn't above a little bit of seduction to find a few clues.

Join these witches along with their familiars, an invisible dad and more as they cause more than a bit of mischief, mayhem, and a whole lot of chaos.


"Mommy, why aren't there ever any lady serial killers on the news?"

"Oh, honey", she replied in a genuinely sweet tone, "That's just because women aren't stupid enough to get caught."


"Are you sure this won't kill her?" I heard my mom ask.

My first thought upon hearing that was why in the world would she jump to that conclusion just from me passing out? That thought didn't last very long after I realized I was tied to a chair. And while I no longer smelled the cake, I did still smell candy, mixed in with a few other aromas, like hops, various liquors and an overwhelming scent of copper?

I pried my eyes open barely an inch and saw naked bodies hanging upside down from the ceiling on meat hooks, like in a butcher shop, with buckets sitting on the floor directly beneath them way across on the other side of the room. They were too far away to see for certain but looked as if there were spouts in their throats, helping their blood to flow into the buckets. There were also beer kegs and glass bottles.

Before I had a chance to let any of that freak me out about any of that, I heard the sound of a drill from beside me. I turned my head in time to see said drill coming towards my scalp, yes, of its own accord! I screamed, "What the f--k are you doing!" As I shouted those words at the top of my lungs some type of force - power or magic I hadn't the slightest clue - swooshed out of me hard and fast. It made whatever had me tied down fall to the floor, my mother flew across the room, some of those bodies went tumbling down and knocked over the buckets, and the threatening drill clattered to the floor.

Right before I blacked out yet again, I heard my mom say from far off, "Thank the Goddess, my baby isn't human after all."

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