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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Virtual Tour and Guest Blog: Keeper of the Gate

Keeper of the Gate
Paula Kennedy
Evernight Teen 
Paranormal  TeenRomance, 63k

Anna, the girl with flaming red hair and attitude to match, always felt like an outcast. In her final year of high school, when she can’t even connect with the right guy, she meets mysterious bible-loving Devin and feels strangely drawn to him. 

There’s more to Devin than good looks and his weird obsession with scripture, and Anna finally understands the emptiness she’s felt her entire life. Join Anna as she searches for answers about her past with Devin, struggles to accept her true identity, and begins an adventure into the City of Fire to reseal the gates of Hell. 

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Keeper of the Gate: Guest Blog #1

Thanks so much for inviting me as a guest on your blog. I had a lot of fun writing Keeper of the Gate and let me tell you it was hard when it ended. Who knows what the future holds, however, and my mind is already spinning with ideas for some series books based on Keeper of the Gate.

Today I'd like to talk about my dedication for Keeper of the Gate. Generally, deciding on the dedication takes me time and careful consideration. My first book, after much debate, was dedicated to my husband, "The most patient man in the world" and the second to my parents. With Keeper of the Gate I knew right away who was going to be listed in the dedication. It reads as follows: To Kristen for pushing me to write this story. Kristen is the oldest of my four children with a spit fire of a personality just like her mother. When I told her I was going dedicate my latest book to her because she had inspired me to write it, she crinkled her nose and said, "Book? What book are you talking about?" I had to laugh, and hold onto the nearest solid surface. The heated conversation we'd had so many years ago about what type of book I should write next was just a fleeting moment in her life. She had no idea I'd spent the last two years writing a story based on her desire to read a love story with angels in it. After some prompting and bugging - and possibly some tap dancing and head stands - Kristen finally nodded weakly and smiled.

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