Pantheons (updated, more 2 come)

Any avid reader of Gothic Horror, or Paranormal, knows almost every decent series involves at least one or more pantheon, whether it be Greek, Egyptian, Atlanteon or Norse. Though not all readers are familiar with any.  That being said, on this page I will be adding pantheons so that you can enhance your reading experience.  Trust when I say, when you know who the heroes and/or villains worship and why, it brings brand new meaning to the stories you already love.

Egyptian Pantheon -

Amon - Fertility god
Anath - Mistress of Heaven protector of the King; known for her ferocity
Anubis - God of the dead and protection; female counterpart is Input
Anukis - Goddess of water
Apis - The Black Bull; symbol of fertility and undying soul
Aten - Sun god turned into a monotheistic entity; lost footing among the other gods and goddesses

Bastet - Goddess of cats, fertility, music, the moon and protection from evil (assoc. with Sekhmet)
Bes - God of good fortune and protection of pregnant women; Beset is the female side

Geb - God of the earth
Hathar - Goddess of love, beauty, business, joy, harmony, children and the all seeing "Eye of Rah"
Horus - God of the sky, divine child
Hauhet - Goddess of boundless infinity; male counterpart is Hu
Hekat = Goddess of midwifery and childbirth; assoc. with water

Isis - Goddess of All; Divine Mother; partnered with Osiris
Ius-a'as - Goddess of creation

Ma'at - Goddess of truth
Mehet-Weret - Goddess of sky and floods
Merit - Goddess of music
Min - God of rods, fertility, and agriculture; protector of travelers

Neith - Goddess of destiny, war and the mother of Ra; protector of the dead; bisexual
Nekhbet - Primal Mother Goddess; divine nurse
Nephthys - Goddess of secrets, initiation and the dead
Nut - Goddess of the sky

Osiris - God of vegetation and dead; rules alongside Isis

Ptah - God of learning, architecture and building

Ra - God of the Sun
Renenet - Goddess of prosperity and home

Sekhmet - Goddess of War and Pestilence, protection, fire, vengeance, menstruation and medicine.
Selket - Goddess of Scorpions, protector of the dead, weather and travelers
Seshat - Goddess of writing and patron of libraries
Seth - God of storms, the desert and chaos
Shu - God of wind and air
Sobek - God of the Nile, army, military and fertility

Taweret - Hippo Goddess of fertility and childbirth
Tefnut - Goddess of rain and moisture
Thoth - God of knowledge, hieroglyphs and wisdom

Wadjet - Serpent Goddess of protection
Wenut - Snake Goddess
Wosret - The Powerful One, guardian deity

Greek Pantheon - 

References:  The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation Solitary Witch by Silver RavenWolf; Wikipedia; Personal Knowledge
Artwork: Google

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