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Friday, October 31, 2014

More Wicked Reads: The True Witch Saga

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Living in a world never truly meant for her, Ella Reese has tried her whole life to fit into the mold her parents wanted, and not stand out in a small town where gossip reigned supreme. Despised for what she is, she will be lucky to make it through her senior year alive. However, Ella suddenly finds herself thrust onto a journey where she not only discovers she is a powerful True Witch but a life mate has also been chosen for her. Slowly falling for her soul mate, the Sexy Nordic God lookalike, Jaxx. While trying not to give into the naughty urges that are screaming throughout her mind… Ella is reunited with a family who accepts her for exactly who she is. Ella starts to find comfort in this new life and love she has found, right before her world is ripped apart. As she travels the path Fate has set her on… Chances must be taken. Decisions must be made. Death stalks her every step but she must uncover the secrets hidden from her or die trying. (Goodreads)

Jessa Carpenter wakes to find herself plunged into an unknown, but extraordinary world. Her very being has been transformed into something new and foreign. She tries to fit into this new life, but fate places her on a path fraught with the most difficult trials and tribulations that she has ever faced. Jessa’s nightmares have come to life and are staring her straight in the face. Can she survive this new hell with her soul intact…without losing everything that makes her who she is? Sebastian, a centuries old Vampire Lord that has pledged his very life and soul to Jessa. He has promised her his eternal love, but can she risk trusting again? Is anything worth the risk of losing what is left of the once vulnerable, vivacious girl? Or will she choose to stay broken within the shadows? (Goodreads)

Everything is changing within Ella's world, once more. Ella is training and developing her gifts while stumbling upon secrets of her distant past... Horrific circumstances may force her to give up someone she loves more than anything in this new world. Her existence seems bleak... Until Tristan, a mysterious Reaper, makes himself known to her. Their meeting leads Ella down a path of self discovery like no other. This new knowledge poses an unimaginable threat to Ella and the people she cares about. Lives are at stake. Decisions must be made. An unexpected passion ignites. But Darkness is always on step behind, stalking Ella's every waking moment. (Goodreads)

About the Author:

Tasha Gwartney currently resides with her husband, son and two huskies in Lousiana. She is a Military wife and mother. She loves to read and write poetry. Tasha is currently trying her hand at writing novels.

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