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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Six Sentence Sunday

#SixSentenceSunday #MarriedWaitWhat #WaitYouDidWhat

It's here again! Here are six sentences of the upcoming release, Married. Wait! What? already available for Pre-Order.

“What the fuck, dude, you knock her ass up or some shit?” This of course came from Donny.

“Donny, that was just plain rude.” Even though we were all probably thinking it, he could have asked way better than that. When Max just sat there in silence with that look on his face, the one he always wore when he got caught doing something bad when we were younger, I couldn’t help but to add my two cents. “Wait, did you?” The two of them blushed and slightly nodded their heads, it was my turn to blurt something out before letting it go through any type of filter first. “So what’s the plan? Have the wedding, then have the baby shower at the reception?”


Wait, You Did What? by T. A. Moorman
Justine had the job of her dreams, the best parents in the world, and a brother she more than just tolerated. The one thing she gave up on was finding love. She didn't need that to be happy, right? In helping her brother pull off his own last-minute wedding, Justine may be in for a surprise of her own, and find love had been right there in her face the entire time.

Married. Wait! What?
Volume One

USA Today Bestselling Authors
Lia Davis and Virginia Nelson

Rebecca Royce, Ripley Proserpina, Amy Sumida, Cara Carnes, Carmen Falcone, Mae Hanley, Kim Carmichael, T. A. Moorman, K. Williams, and Melissa Shirley

Picture the scene: You wake up from a night of having too much fun. Things aren't as clear as they should be...and you're MARRIED. What would you do?

12 authors—USA Today Bestsellers, Award Winning, fan favorites, and a debut author—show you their take on this unique theme.

12 talented authors bring you 12 BRAND NEW fun-filled, suspenseful, sensual novellas in this first installment. That’s TWELVE stories sure to make you smile, laugh, cry, and fall in love.

We’ve stirred in a diverse collection of romances into this book bundle! There’s sci-fi, contemporary, paranormal, and gay romance with Alphas, mafia, vampires, shifters, sexy lawyer, and MUCH more. Something for everyone!

Get it at your favorite eBook store:
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