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Friday, May 31, 2019

Release Day Blitz: Blood Ties

Blood Ties by P. D. Baldwin
Published May 31, 2019 by Dark Half Productions
Urban Fiction/Black Mafia


Legacy. For some people it’s merely a word but for Phineas Johnson and his brothers, building a legacy means hard work and sacrifices today so that their families can reap the benefits tomorrow. “Family over everything” is the Johnson Family’s mantra, one that Phineas lived and breathed until the day he died.

His sons, Shane and Cedric are supposed to carry on that legacy but instead, they become locked in a bitter war to control it. One son wants Phineas to be remembered as a loving father, devoted husband, and a philanthropist while the other wants him to be remembered as a ruthless gangster who ruled with an iron fist.

In the midst of this war, the family is forced to choose sides and in doing so opens a Pandora’s Box of lies and secrets that will destroy the very foundation the Johnson Family is built on.


About the Author:

P. D. Baldwin is a creator, thinker, and an award winning author who gains creative inspiration from everything he touches from comic books, graphic novels, and video games to TV, movies, and real life experiences. Having discovered his passion for writing at an early age, Baldwin strives to invent new and exciting stories for a variety of genres. His current collection of erotic short stories, poems, and novels reflects a desire to forge a new literary path that will provide enjoyment for all types of readers. Written in a style meant to elicit the maximum amount of excitement and stimulation from his audience, Baldwin’s books embrace every type of fantasy imaginable from erotica to espionage. With strong characters and a wide variety of plots, each story will place you right in the middle of the action by making you your very own protagonist.

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