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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Release Blitz: Risky Entaglement

Risky Entanglement by K. A. Harbron
Risky Series Book 2
Published October 2, 2018
Romantic Suspense


We thought our love was invincible – we’re finding out just how wrong we were. The world has another plan for us and it involves tearing us apart at any cost – even murder. 


He gives me everything I have ever wanted, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to keep us together. Doesn’t matter how hard I try, he is ripped from my life and from my heart. What do I do? Fight? Or Flight? Maybe I should just run from the terror that fills our lives now.


My life is spiraling out of control. I know I love Andrea, but can I give her up to save her? My love for her is destroying us both. The dream of a life we had together is slowly becoming the nightmare that unravels us for good. If you love something, set it free. Right?

You've heard from Andi and Rober. Meet Him…Will you survive?

Chapter 1

HIM (Burn baby burn)

“If she doesn’t hurry up, I’ll light it up myself.” I try to find Gina as she darts around the Kids for Keeps shelter sloshing gasoline in every direction. “Damn it, some precision would be nice. She’s going to have to do that side again.” Unbelievable. This never should have taken this long to start. Sitting in my blue Honda Civic across from Site 21 on the Carson property, rolling my finger over the barrel of the lighter, clicking it reflexively, I watch as the little minion reads my mind and corrects her errors in aim.
 “I don’t know what’s worse, watching her try to hurry, or how fucking sloppy she is,” I snarl, not that she can hear me, not that it would stop me from saying it to her face. She goes around the building again to destroy the evidence. Then I wait for her to get back in the car. I know I need to be patient. This is almost like an art form. It has to be done right. I flick the ash off my cigarette before I bring it to my mouth and take a long, satisfying drag. The smoke intermingles with the lyrics floating through the car. Shakin’ Hands by Nickelback.
Perfect fucking song for the upcoming events tonight.
Leaning back in in my seat, I watch as the shadows move outside the vehicle. The sun slides from the sky and drowns light into darkness. A chill from the outside ebbs into the car through the cracked window and raises the hair on my uncovered arms. The blur of a fast-moving shadow toward the back of the building causes my heart to skip even though I know who it is. I stare at the flames as they dance in the evening. With the wind increasing tonight, the smoke from the fire starts to funnel above the building quickly, the combustion eminent as embers start to spark taking flight on the breeze.
It may be cold outside, but lighting this bitch up will be a warming sight. A simple sacrifice. Two sacrifices actually, the building and the girl.
I have the perfect view. I can’t help but celebrate in how good it feels to watch the sparks. The building starts to hum with energy as flames start to lick the sides of the paneling.
That will make for an interesting burn pattern.
“Come on Red, if you don’t hustle you are going to be left here.” Slow as she is, it’s nice that I found someone who was so willing to please me; whether it’s mindless sex or blowing up a building. I watch as my assistant sprints from one side of the building to the other doubling back to be thorough. “Good girl. Pick up the pace.”
 If my window were open a bit more and the wind shifted, I would be able to smell the fumes – revenge and gasoline.
 I look behind me to make sure that there is still no traffic by foot or car passing through the lot’s entrance. There would be no way out or to hide if that happened, and that would definitely fuck with our plan. Debating on who would take interest at this time of evening, we could hypothetically knock them out until we finish, but then it would get messy with a witness.
Just my luck the whore would just show up at random on this site, wouldn’t she? Funny how she thinks it’s hers. This whole concept, this idea – it’s my site. How she ever thought she would get to take privilege in my ideas, my money and turn them into her own personal profit is infuriating. Andrea being a part of this whole cyclone of fucked up, is about to come to an end. Her days where she rides free off my accomplishments are numbered. I don’t care who she is. This isn’t something she gets to claim. It’s mine. If I have to watch her and MY projects go up in smoke and flames — I will.
“Fucking, thieving, women.” Muttering under my breath, I roll down the window and wave the red haired accomplice over to the car to get in. We can’t be here any longer, done or not. She gets in the car, her body and clothes smell of gasoline, wood damage and singed flesh from electrical burns. Huffing she tries to regain control of her breath. Turning toward me, she waits for my response and next instructions expectantly.
She’s such an obedient girl, nothing like Andrea — she was like a wild untamable bitch. That slut couldn’t take a command to save her life. Complete disobedience. This one is like a dog ready to whelp.
She is a vapid girl compared to Andrea, but at least she is compliant. Of course that’s how Andrea would suck you in – she’d blind you to her ways and play with your feelings. Everything to her — a seduction game, even if it wasn’t hers to seduce. Now I get to repay the favor.
Finally deciding to address the expectant woman in my car, I nod and blow smoke onto her lap. She may be too submissive. Waiting on for me to give her the go ahead — like the lapdog she is. Who wouldn’t lose interest in something so willing?
“You went all the way around the property correct? There is no chance that any of 21’s corners won’t catch on to the burn?” stating more than asking the question, I adjust my ball cap reflexively.
She nods her head in affirmation — her eyes are glossy with excitement. I pull out one of my smokes, light it, and give it to her. She takes it graciously as if it’s a gift of diamonds.
“Good girl, Cupcake. I’m proud of you.” I nod once in approval. “What about the car? Did you put the rest of the rags and containers under it?”
“Actually, I did one better. I doused the whole car and used some paint I found around back to help the flames stick. I even put those extra gel canisters under her car. It’s totally gonna blow up big time.”
“I don’t appreciate any deviations from our plan; G, it’s essential that you don’t change anything,” I grumble as I scrub my face. We don’t need to add anything to this. Simple. Get the job done. Get in. Get out. With the smoke really increasing the haze from the ash, the ease to breathe is getting harder even from inside the car. We need to go. Starting the car and reversing, we start to pull away from the ball of fire. The sound of sirens will be filling the air shortly.
“It’s almost pretty,” she says as she watches our work light the sky. The luminosity coming off the building as it progresses in its fiery death, appears as if it’s a lighthouse against a black sea. Even the shadows remind me of a sleeping dragon inhaling its breath. As if a beast is dreaming, about to be shaken awake from the deepest of sleeps.
 I can’t help but smile with anticipation. Proud that we took from them, thrilled that the Kids for Keeps building ignited so quickly. “Ashes, ashes, they will all fall down.” I hum.

Author Bio:

K.A. Harbron is the coffee addicted mastermind behind the suspenseful, slow burn Risky Series. Writing contemporary novels with a twist, you will never start a book and not want to finish it.

If you asked K.A. what her greatest joys are in life, she would tell you first and foremost would be her kiddo, with a close second in creating worlds through her writing. When it’s time to wind down, K.A. Harbron spends her time running, reading, playing at playgrounds, and enjoying shows like Grey’s Anatomy.

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