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Monday, December 5, 2016

GMG & SLHReviews Charm Shop Grand Opening!!!

Cue the balloons, sound the trumpets, and roll out the red carpet. After months of slaving away to make our dreams a reality, the time has finally come to welcome our throngs of new customers! Too much? Okay, well come celebrate with us.

SLHReview's Charm Shop is a dream become reality. I have always loved making jewelry, just never envisioned turning it into a business. After much research and acquiring a website I'm ready for the Grand Opening! You will get a chance to see the merchandise during this event and a select few will win something from the collection.

GothicMoms Graphics is a company that was born from tragedy. A single mother of five children that is now destitute after losing her job and transportation, forced to live with a family that does not bother disguising their hatred. With no means of income, a true friend started a page to utilize talents and she realized that what she usually just gave away for free could bring in income. But with the help of a friend some light was finally shed at the end of the seemingly never ending tunnel.

What better way to celebrate than with authors, artists, bloggers, and reviewers?! With plenty of giveaways for not only readers, but for authors as well! Dust off those networking skills, meet friends new and old. We'd love to see you there!

If you are any of the above and would like to participate by either doing a takeover or becoming a sponsor, just sign up with the posted Google Form. All times are EST. *Facebook is not responsible for any part of this event*

Form for Takeover or Sponsor Requests

Tuesday, December 6
5:00 - GothicMom's Graphics
6:00 - Author R. L Weeks
7:00 - Elaina Jadin Romance
8:00 - Annelise Reynolds
9:00 - Cora Kenborn Author
10:00 - Tia Siren

Wednesday, December 7
5:00 - SJ's Book Blog
6:00 - Claire Louise Ingram
7:00 - Amber Lacie Author
8:00 - Angela Mary Johnson & Terra James Author PA
9:00 - Victoria Cabot
10:00 - Author Juliana Conners

Thursday, December 8
5:00 - Rosemary A Johns
6:00-6:30- Reina Torres Author
6:30-7:00 - Cree Storm
7:00 - SLH Reviews
8:00 - Terra James Author PA, Ellen Abernathy, & Susanne Larssen Chetkowski
9:00 - Victoria Cabot
10:00 - GothicMom's Graphics
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