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Monday, October 13, 2014

A Shapely Halloween

A Shapely Halloween

Dear Society, the wonderfully moronic bunch that you are. Not all women, including myself, wear a size to or even 10. Women of beautifully bodacious curves would like to have costumes just as elaborate as our kindred who have never had children or just plain have a naturally smaller stature. As women come in all shapes and lovely sizes, so should costumes. No, we do not want to dress as Atilla the Hun, nor do we want to wear things that emphasize the wrong parts but rather accentuate are more, hmm...what's the right word, loving parts. Alas there are a few places that recognize this, so I shall indeed recognize them.

Below ladies and gends' are a few websites that cater to exactly what you may be looking for. Please feel free to leave a comment of any you may know of as well. The more selection/options the better. And please do keep in mind while buying corsets, get them no more than 2 inches smaller than your normal back size, anything else would be more than just painful but also a waste of money as it probably won't fit. Shoes/boots, if not able to get the wide width version, be sure to order 2 sizes up since you cannot try them on for fit. Remember, some things are much better too big than too small.


For the best corsets that are not only real leather, but boned as well, I always visit , to say I love them would be a terribly vast understatement. From PVC to Steampunk to Burlesque, whatever you're looking to become, they are sure to have what you need, without costing you hundreds of dollars. Hint: Zippers are a lot easier than buttons.

Boots: has a very wide selection, as well as wide width. If you can't find a wide width in a style you like, don't worry, either find your size in mens, your actual size as it is in womens without adding or subtracting; i.e. W-9 M-9. And a side zipper is a must. But, if you can only find it in womens, or for wedged heels, go at least one size up.

Other Items:
Amazon has a wide array of everything. From the above to chokers, boots and so on and so forth. But, Amazon can be a tricky place to navigate. Hint: always read the Customer Reviews. Bought one pair of boots that were so narrow I could barely fit my big toe inside. Yet, bought a pair of Demonia Wedges that are like heaven, which were not in wide width so I purchased 2 sizes up, but 1 size up would have sufficed.

While there are many more sites out there to be explored, these I know from personal out-of-pocket experience.

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