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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Guardians III: Review and Spotlight

The Guardians III by Jennifer Raygoza
Published September 16, 2014 by Vamptasy Publishing 

"Gionna is back, and things are more violent and bloody than ever."

Synopsis -

My name is Gianna Weston. I am Vampire. I was thrust into a world I didn’t know. Given a life I didn’t think I wanted. I have had my world turned upside down and my life shredded before me. All this time holding onto the love of a man who breathes life into me and I into him. His very existence sets fire to my cold skin. He is my maker, my husband and the father to my children. But even love can no longer fight the demons inside of me. Not after all the tragedies. The death, the pain, and the heartache are haunting me with a relentless vengeance. This darkness has me by its nails scraping sinfully at my core. It’s time to stop running and hiding from the darkness. These demons I speak of won’t let me rest until I accept what I am. A nightmare. A killer. A blood thirsty animal.

Are you afraid? You should be. I. AM. A. MONSTER.

Excerpt -

“Here is some food for thought. I think being sheltered down here has gotten things out of focus for all of you. So I suggest you make a strong mental note of what I’m about to say. You humans, are no longer at the top of the food chain. Look around. Tell me what you see. I’ll tell you what I see. I see lunch. Around here, you are considered fresh meat. You are walking, talking blood bags. You are simply our food supply. So, instead of worrying about your jobs, you should be petrified that you’re standing in a room with three vampires that could rip you to bloody shreds and sleep like a baby afterwards. If that’s not scary enough for you, outside is a more vicious species of us, and I guarantee this. They won’t bring you lovely folk’s coffee and pancakes with a fucking smile.” I looked around the room to see the shaken expression on everyone’s faces. I stared down at the floor, knowing I had offended every person in the room. 

About the Author -

Jennifer Raygoza lives in Corona, California with her husband and children. She developed a love for writing poetry at the young age of twelve. She did not want to become a writer when she was young instead, she had dreams of becoming a Marriage Counselor and majored in Psychology when she was older. Although that dream did not work out, she still council’s relationship advice to friends and family. In 2013 she published her first book called The Guardians. Originally it was a story written for fun, and out of curiosity was self-published. Little did she know that it would be a hit with vampire lovers. Fans encouraged her to write part two in the series. She was currently working on another project, but pushed it back to write part two to please the fans. The Guardians III: Blood Vengeance is the last and final installment in the Guardians Series. 

Review -

Jennifer Raygoza made a very hard decision that every series author faces, how long should it last. Instead drawing things out The Guardians face their last page in this trilogy, and they go out with more than a few bloody fangs. But worry not fans, looks like an opening was left between the pages allowing the making of a possible spin-off.

Gionna has finally come to her breaking point: her only daughter is still missing.That in and of itself is enough to make the strongest of women go insane. Add on the role of being Vampire Queen, Wife, and Mother to a son missing his twin, you would probably become a little less wrapped around the hinges to. So anyone crossing her path at this time had better tread softly, or risk having their heart ripped out, literally. Oh, and did I fail to mention the fact of having to house her family and closest friends who would rather whine and complain than to just shut-up and stay safe. And a best-friend focused on her next conquest.

The thing I love most about Raygoza is that she keeps her characters real. Readers can see and feel the emotional that they are suffering through. And unlike some authors who have their characters jump in the sac just to please some of their fans, you won't find fill in sex here. What couple, human or vampire, could even think about sex when their child's life is on the line? And only they can save them.

All questions will be answered and new characters will be introduced; some to be of help, and some, well, let's just say they would probably get along with Adonis just fine. The long awaited battle between Guardians and Dark Angels finally takes place, and there may be casualties on both sides of the line. And the ending just may raise more than a few eyebrows.    

 This book is a true must read for all Guardian fans and should not be read as a stand alone.      

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