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Tuesday, January 26, 2021


QUARANTINED: A Boxed Set of Pandemic Proportions

Available 1/1/2021 from GothicMoms Studios

When it comes to fighting an enemy you can't see...

These nine tales will make you laugh, scream, shout, and maybe even shed a tear. You'll find conspiracy theories, demons in the Oval Office, mystery, second chance romance and even horror in this quarantined box set.

Nine epic authors, Award Winners and Bestsellers from different genres, come together to bring you their insane, totally fiction novellas with their far from reality takes on the pandemic. Whether you're a fan of Urban Fantasy, Erotica, Romance, Horror, Thriller, Science Fiction, there's something in this boxed set for everybody!

None of us know what's really going on. So, instead of dwelling on it, lets have a bit of fun with it! We can't fix things, but, we can make the best of what we've got! Let our insanity bring you a breath of uncontaminated air.




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