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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Chimney Sweep for Santa!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Help Santa!

Facebook Release/Cover Reveal Parties: 65$+
For the low price of $65 we will run your event for you! This price includes set up, invites, graphics, author roundup, and hosting for the entire day! For only $35 more you will also receive a custom-made swag pack for a grand prize, that can be either delivered to you, or directly to the winner.

Street Team/Author Fan Club:
Creation: $50
Need a Street Team to help you get your name out there? We will not only set one up for you but also create both a banner and a logo that helps your team stand out from the rest. With the low price of only $25/month after for maintenance (including group interaction, weekly sharing posts, and making sure the members are behaving. Or misbehaving, whichever you prefer.)
Already have a team? No prob, we will handle maintenance for only $30/month.

Blog Tours (Starting at $45)

Banners $20
Logos $25
Teasers $5 first 2/$3 apiece after that
Book Covers $75 for ebook +$15 for full wrap

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