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Sunday, October 5, 2014

GothicKids Movie of the Month: October, 2014

Monster High: Freaky Fusion
Finally Available in the States!!

Took us awhile for this edition because Vanessa and I could not come to agreement on which movie to pick. Freaky Fusion won top pick. (I wanted to pick the new Dracula but, we haven't seen it yet, so I don't know how suitable it is for kids. Tho Nessa said she could care less, I am NOT stopping her from seeing it. HA!) 

Frankie and the gang are back, with more than a few twists. In search of answers of her Monster Scaritedge, Frankie, Draculaura, Rebecca Steam, Cleo DeNile, Clawdine Wolf, Ghoulia Styles, Venus McFlytrap, Lagoona, Jinifire and Torali go looking for information on Frankie's Grandfather, Victor Frankenstein. Their misadventures lead them on a visit to the past, and a  return trip that ends with them being fused together. So gather your GothicKids and enjoy a laughingly creepy good time as eight ghouls become four and need to rely upon a new group of hybrids to show them the way. The children of all the monsters you love and not a dull moment, and just in time for Halloween!

Vanessa's Review -

My review is about the ghouls, they travel back in time!!! MONSTER HIGH: FREAKY FUSION is a must see. Anyway, we have a ghoul to save. Guess who, I'm not telling! To know more watch the movie. ENJOY. P.S. for a little information watch the trailer.

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