GothicKids Movies

Recommendations from me and Vanessa, my nine year old who is my carbon copy.  Movies that are different, creepy, magical and/or vampy.  Also, movies that won't make you want to slash the screen or scratch your own eyeballs out.  But, that do not have a ton of sex, foul language or too much blood.  Sort of an impasse between us and them, and an opportunity to bond over a movie you both can enjoy.  If there is a certain type of movie you are looking for for your lil spawn, let me know what kind by leaving an email, and I will help you out.

March, 2016 - Gods of Egypt

January, 2015 - Into The Woods
March, 2015 - Dracula
May, 2015 - Avengers: Age of Ultron
October, 2015 - Hotel Transylvania

January, 2014 - Happily Never After

February, 2014 - Vampire Academy

March, 2014 - Once Upon A Time

April, 2014 - Frights, Camera, Action

June, 2014 - Maleficent

July, 2014 - Beetlejuice

September, 2014 - Scooby Doo

October, 2014 - Monster High: Freaky Fusion

November, 2014 - Ever After High & Percy Jackson

December, 2014 - Nightmare Before Christmas

December, 2013 - The Nightmare Before Christmas

November, 2013 - Corpse Bride

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