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New Release:Blood and Spice

Author: Lilah E. Noir
Release Date: November 28th, 2019
Release-Day-Banner Blurb Two powerful men. A conflicted woman. A dark night of submission and taboo, mind-blowing pleasure and decadent agony. Charming Laurel Stone and her ruggedly handsome assistant and submissive Corwin believe all their troubles are over. After centuries of prosecution they find a new home and acceptance at Crescent Moon Springs. Their quaint bookstore and cafe were one of the local treasures. No one suspects of their dark past. Life seems perfect, until it isn’t. There’s trouble in the air before the night of Halloween. Buried desires resurface in Laurel, brewing like a dark, delicious potion. That sudden need to be spanked, used and dominated is about to crack that proud Mistress and her iron control. Not even her love for Corwin is enough to make those feelings go away. Everything changes when the mysterious Severin steps in Cinnamon Bookshop. He shatters their peaceful life and bind their willpower with a hypnotic spell. Laurel and Corwin surrender to that powerful predator on a bloody, sensual night they can never forget. What will Laurel decide when she’s torn between love for her pet and lust for her Master? WARNING! This book is intended for mature audiences. It’s a novella, a one-night stand of sexy literature, a paranormal love story with high level of steam, hot explicit scenes, power exchange, M/f/m menage and a guaranteed HFN. It’s the sizzling tale of a sexy dominant witch who gets to explore her submissive side, her werewolf pet and a mysterious stranger with sharp fangs who pushes them past their limits. If that offends you, you’d better not buy this book. GoodreadsButton AmazonBuyItButton

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Please.” He said with a soft smile. “You’d be fine without me, you’re a force of nature. You’d find another big, strong man to wrap around your finger just by showing up at that bar downtown.” She laughed and gave him a stern gaze. “Don’t make me punish you, Corwin, and don’t make jokes. I don’t want you to think I don’t appreciate you and I haven’t been showing that the past few months. Our business is growing, though, and we need all the help we can get during high season. It’d be a relief to have someone help you out in the cafe. I’d need another person who can process the orders on the website.” Corwin crossed his big arms over his chest and looked at Laurel again. Her words made perfect sense, but he wasn’t sure he liked the change. It had always been just him and her and that was the way he loved it. He had no trouble charming the clients, to make them feel welcome, to seduce them. When they closed the bookstore for the day, he wanted no one else around but her. It was ridiculous. How would that fierce, protective part of him handle any outsiders? Laurel raised her head and gave him one of her sweet smiles. “Sometimes I waste so much time in administration and paperwork. It’d be better to let someone else handle it so I can work on more creative things… new recipes, finding new herbs…” She leaned in to whisper against his lips. “More time for my pet.” Corwin hissed under his breath when her mouth moved closer to his. Some days it was getting so difficult to restrain himself around her. Something as innocent as a touch and a smile made him hard. It’s so close to the full moon.I hope you know what you’re doing, Laurel. We’re happy here, why should we risk ruining it?He ran fingers through his dark hair and let out a sharp breath. “Sorry… I… I’ve been nervous.” She took Corwin’s big palms in hers. His fingers were a little cold to touch and little tremors pierced his rough skin. Relax, my little wolf.” Laurel whispered those words as if they were a lullaby and her disarming gentle touch broke through the wall of tension. Corwin swallowed and smiled at her. The ferocious hotness was letting go of his mind. “It’s okay, you always get like that at the full moon… I always take care of you.”Yes, Mi… I mean, Laurel.” He pulled away from her. If they continued touching, it’d be difficult to last too long before the wolf resurfaced in his mind. Right then Laurel looked delicious enough to eat and her white neck drew his attention. Such a tiny strip of skin over her red poncho and yet so seductive. It brought memories of how sweet her blood was. He closed his eyes and imagined her taste on his tongue, swirling like an exquisite wine.Anyway...” She interrupted his thoughts and picked up one of her chocolates from the pumpkin. “Are you ready for tonight?” Corwin nodded and rubbed his temples to ease the headache rushing in. It’s been worse lately, and he was getting more sensitive to sounds. He sank his teeth in his tongue and waited for a few minutes for the sharp, pounding pain to pass. Laurel narrowed her eyes, put the chocolate away and reached out to rub the base of his wrist.Why don’t you take your break?” She whispered and ran her nails along his skin. “It’s quiet right now, so I won’t need you as much at the front store. Go to your room, I’ll make you some tea.” He laughed and kept rubbing his temples with faster movements. The nasty, gnawing sensation deep in his stomach seemed to feed his headache. There was something strange in the air but Corwin found it hard to put his finger on it. It was a whisper in the wind. A threatening voice. The sound was too low and he didn’t get the message.

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This is so embarrassing.” Laurel cooed and leaned against the ladder with a mysterious expression that rivaled his. Desire was still ravaging her body, but she had gotten her act together. “Thank you, sir, I’d have broken my neck if you hadn’t helped me.” He chuckled and tilted his head to the side. His eyes studied her with a strange mixture of curiosity and arrogant possession.That’s so kind of you to say, ma’am, but you wouldn’t be in any danger of snapping your lovely neck if I hadn’t startled you.” The stranger responded and curled his long fingers in a come hither gesture. His scent was red wine and his voice was as deep as dark chocolate. Beautiful… and dangerous. His polite voice had a subtle menace about it. A smile that never reached his eyes, a calculating look on his face… and that aura of a predator masked beneath a delicious fragrance. He couldn’t be an ordinary man. A sense of unease lurked inside her chest, a weak, little flame compared to the forest fire of physical desire. The desire for submission. Laurel had always been faithful to her wolf during all those years Corwin had been by her side. Nobody else provoked her interest or tempted her, not in such an intense way. Seduction served her as a weapon but she didn’t let the flame touch her… unless her lover and her reached the peak of pleasure together. That man woke up other cravings inside her, desire she thought she had buried. Laurel wanted him to push her down on her knees, raise her skirt and run a smooth palm down her exposed ass. The leather of his gloves would slide down her buttocks, warming them up, running along the strip of wetness at the front part of her panties. The first stinging slap of his leather clad palm would sting and bring tears to her eyes… and she’d beg for more. Here she was now, melting under the cold gaze of a stranger and had a hard time restraining herself from dropping on her knees. Would he be rough or seductive in his domination? She imagined his full lips and that he’d sink his teeth in her neck until he drank the first drops of scarlet blood. Laurel squeezed her thighs as she pictured him licking the blood. He’d be right behind her, pressing his body against her spanked ass and would reach out to rip her dress.Perhaps you’d like to sit down?” His mocking voice once again snapped her out of her shameful fantasies. “You are red in the face. Not that I complain. A lady could always use natural blush on her cheeks.” Oh, someone was full of himself. She wouldn’t give him the pleasure of seeing her flustered or angry. Protesting and acting like an offended maiden would just make his smugness grow. Instead, Laurel smirked at him, turned around with a sensual lilt of her hips and strolled to the cash register. The lust weakened its grasp around her throat now that she had no direct contact with him. Was it her imagination or did his eyes follow her every move?You might be right, sir. About blushing.” When she got behind her desk, at a safe distance, Laurel turned to him with a flip of her long, wavy hair. He still stood at the same place, amused and waiting for her to make the next move. “Few things impress me enough to tint my cheeks in red.” His laughter surprised her, its silver, cheerful sound that echoed through Cinnamon’s wooden walls. Listening to him laugh made her think of sparkles and bubbling joy. He was such a contradiction.I’m sure I can surprise you, Miss.” The man moved with a casual grace and walked to her as quiet as if he was a tomcat. Laurel looked down at his leather boots, black like the rest of his clothes. “The world is full of unexpected experiences, don’t you think? You might just need to expand your comfort zone.” Laurel rested her hands on the counter and shot him a questioning look. The strange man was in no hurry to explain what he wanted and enjoyed taking his time. He was looking around with that same mildly intrigued expression but then he fixed his eyes on hers.My comfort zone is a sweet place, sir.” Laurel chirped, as if she didn’t understand what he was implying. Everything inside her clenched in anticipation. “Staying inside it has more appeal than venturing out. You might try it someday.” For the first time since he entered the shop, the stranger looked a little shocked. Insecurity crossed his beautiful features, but that lasted shorter than the blink of an eye. The stranger leaned in and nearly touched her hand. Laurel trembled at his proximity but didn’t move away. The thin hairs on her wrist raised in anticipation, she held her breath and…his leather clad fingers only lingered next to her skin before the stranger took a step back.Comfort and I bid farewell a long time ago… though I wish I had the time to get to know the zone you’re so fond of.” He moved his eyes from hers and kept gazing at the bookshop’s shelves and decorations with a vague smile. Laurel heard a touch of melancholy in his voice. Once again, it was such a subtle emotion that someone who didn’t have her experienced ear would have missed it. A sigh fell off his sultry lips, even quieter than the drop of the pin. When he turned his eyes back to hers, he had the same detached look of calculated seduction.You have built a lovely bookshop for yourself, Miss. Many people told me that your shop was a local treasure… just like you. I see they weren’t exaggerating.” A hint of warmth crept in his mysterious smile.

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Now, Laurel, I knew you wanted me from the moment we met.” He grinned with effort and used his entire body to make her fall over on her back. His attempts to pin her down by her wrists failed. Laurel was still clutching his neck like a cat, even with his stronger body pressing her to the ground. “I see you want me to tame you and claim you as my bitch, don’t you? At your service, little one.” Laurel was breathing hard and staring at him with wild eyes. Sweat was coating her body and the world in front of her was getting blurry. Their fight made her return to the feverish state of lust but she didn’t let go of him. All her energy went in choking that bastard and it was already leaking out of her. An evil grin flashed across his face and he snaked his hand between her thighs.Oh, mine…” He chuckled when his thumb found her clit. “Look at you… Your enemy’s at your home and you’re sopping wet for him. Such a slut. I bet if I fuck you now you’ll be screaming for it.” He shoved two fingers deep in her wet hole and rubbed her clit with rough moves. Laurel cried out and lost her grip on his throat. Severin didn’t need to wait for another chance and gathered her weakened wrists. Laurel found herself with her back flat to the ground, his right hand in an iron hold around her hands. His rough, furious finger fucking was the last blow to her resistance.Please, stop… I can’t...” Laurel whimpered in humiliation. Her tormentor said nothing and just smiled. He speared his fingers inside her in a V-shape and rubbed her tight walls, searching for all the possible sweet spots. Oh yes, you can.” Severin whispered. His fangs once again scratched her neck. “You were ready for me today, Laurel. I felt how wet and needy you were from the moment I entered your store. You have no idea how difficult it was not to bend you over your counter and fuck you like you need.She shut her eyes, mortified at her body’s reaction, how wet she was, how only his breath next to her ear made her blood race. Laurel squeezed his fingers and raised her ass to make them sink deeper, just like she did with Corwin earlier. Corwin. She thought with grief as her weak flesh gave in and the pleasure of being manhandled rushed inside her. Please, forgive me, forgive me, my little wolf.No… have mercy.Her cheeks were as wet as her thighs when the erotic insanity pushed all other emotions away. “Please...” Severin brushed his fang against her nipple, close enough to make it bleed. You need it, pet. You need me to top you. Be a good girl and let me play with you.He thrust his fingers harder inside her and pulled them out to play with her hardened clit. No matter how soft his voice was, Laurel knew he wasn’t asking for permission. She’d be his sex toy tonight and Corwin would watch her degrade herself. “Tomorrow, I’ll leave and you’ll never see me again. Tonight you’ll be our whore.” Laurel kept holding her wrists over her head even when Severin let her go. He slid his hand beneath her thigh and raised it up high. His whole fist entered her wide open hole, and she heard herself cry out when she squirted all over her red cloak. Spasms of pleasure shattered her defenses and soon she was groaning out loud. Her tortured, raw walls were squeezing his hand inside her. Our? Did he say our? His whisper had been so soft she couldn’t be sure what he spoke. Laurel’s mind was too messy with lust and guilt to comprehend it. Severin was pushing his fist in and out of her. To add insult to injury, he was staring at her the whole time. Laurel was panting while his blue eyes were stripping her of the last shred of dignity. She was laying naked, with a soaked red cloak and he reveled in how vulnerable she was.Stop looking at me.” She swallowed and shut her eyes. That night of erotic humiliation was far from over… and it was already hard for her to look at him. Why not? There’s nothing hotter than the sight of a defeated strong woman.” He bit her nipple. “Maybe a few things…” Severin pulled his hand out of her and spanked her thigh. He got up and towered over her body. Laurel closed her thighs and pressed them together as if that would hide her painful arousal.Get down on all fours.His voice startled out of her oblivion as strong as a whip. “You’ll spend a long time on your knees tonight… Mistress.” The asshole couldn’t restrain his laughter at the last words. She looked up at him with indignation when he reached out and pushed his boot against her raw pussy lips. The contact with the leather made her wince.Do it now...” Severin laughed. “We’ve left your poor pet alone for too long. You didn’t think we’d just let him watch you have all the fun, did you?”

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[video src="" height="1080" width="1920"][/video] About
 Lilah E. Noir is an author of dark erotic novels and psychological stories. Her work has elements of taboo, seduction and different aspects of the BDSM lifestyle, with a touch of romance and tenderness. If you love flawed characters, submissive alpha females, unconventional dominant heroes, angst, emotional darkness, lots of kinky sex scenes her books might be your kind of pleasure. SocialMediaLinks.jpg Visit my website – Like my page on Facebook – Follow me on Twitter – Follow me on Instagram - Subscribe to my YouTube channel for book trailers and audio samples – Go to Amazon and check the rest of my books – Follow me on BookBub –

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In the twenty-third century, the gateways were opened by Merlin between Earth and The Realm, the home of the Fae, in search of the next King Arthur. Magic flooded the Earth, overtaking most of technology. Now, hundreds of years later, Fae have learned to coexist peacefully with humans and Merlin still searches the Earth with Excalibur.

Aryana works in the Mayor’s kennels overnight. She’s been content with her life up until the moment her eyes meet those of Merlin’s. Everything changes during the Star Festival. Her life becomes a whirlwind as she travels to Avalon with her Knights of the Round Table, her Wizard and a new ally that no one was ever expecting.

It’s up to Aryana to help stop an ancient evil that dwells deep within The Realm. She will have to learn to fight for herself with the help of Excalibur to aid in the upcoming war.
If you're a fan of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table, you may want to check it out!
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Victoria has always been told she’s a ghost dud by her family, she only has the ability to talk to ghosts. She has no other powers, unlike the rest of her family. That doesn’t stop her from always being there when her friends need her.

That doesn't stop her from jumping into a situation when a murder happens right around the corner from her. Suddenly, Victoria is thrust into a race against time to stop a serial killer with the help from Lucien the detective with a bubble butt, Akira the 'angry puffball' werewolf, and her ex-boyfriend Shax.
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Love Always Finds a way...

Donnella Stone is as her name describes, cold, powerful and rich. She is a true Manhattan Blue Blood. This has left her with a problem, the men in her life have often only come for what they can take from her, and it has never been her heart. To protect herself she has rules and a non-disclosure agreement for all of her relationships with men, she gets what she needs, and promises opportunity, means and her silence once the length of the arrangement ends. It has worked for a decade. Until she meets Matthew Mayfield, an adorable, awkward artist from Connecticut whose work and passionate attitude instantly intrigue her. The problem? He takes more of an interest in her, than any man she has met before. Can he get past the dragon and heal her heart of stone or will her past be too much for him to handle, leaving them both on the wayside?

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Adele Niles 


Ember Brothers Series: Baby


An Alpha Man and Curvy Younger Woman Insta Love Romance


I'm a good cop, but I have an eye for bad girls.
Annie is different. She's really bad. An ex-con with all of the baggage.
She's trouble, but she claims she didn't do it.
She only took the fall because she was forced to.
That could be true, but it could be a story she's made up just so I'll protect her from the man that is hunting her.
I should know better.
Being a cop is second nature, but my animal instincts have kicked in and every ounce of me wants her, needs her and will protect her, no matter what.

Baby is a high heat insta-love romance with no cliffhangers. You'll love this hot cop, curvy girl romance right from the start!

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Stay For Me


An Older Alpha Man and Younger Curvy Woman High Heat Romance

My focus should be on business. No Mercy. No attachments. No goodbyes.
Simple rules to follow, until Addy Walker. She’s smart and gorgeous with curves I’d love to ride for days. My temporary employee that’s making every single thing harder, especially leaving for the next job.

I hated work until my new boss showed up. Owen Collier. He gave me something to look at other than boring data.
He's strong, demanding and controlling. Exactly the way I love my men, but does he even know she exists? I doubt he'd even look at a girl like me, curvy, nerdy, quiet.

This book contains an older, over the top alpha, a hot younger curvy girl with all the right moves, insta love and enough steam to make you run for an ice-cold shower.

Buckle your seatbelt, because there are slippery curves ahead in this new series from Adele Niles that makes for a perfect sizzling hot steamy short read and short story insta-love novella. Stay for Me is book 1 in the slippery curves series about sexy, curvy women and the older alpha men that love them.

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When Nathaniel Crabtree travels through time to gather the forgotten details from revolutionary America, will Gwendolyn Astrid Romano be the mistake that brings his illustrious career to a devastating end?
From A. Nicky Hjort, Dormancy
In the future, biohacking has taken humanity to the brink of evolutionary advantage as Artificially Integrated Persons perform at maximal potential, but for Jagga, his utopia turns into a nightmare.
From Danielle DeVor, The Shoes
When Gelsey’s grandmother gifts her a pair of ballet shoes blighted with the power to give her what she wants, she’s tempted with a choice - to live under the tyrannical rule of an awful ballet master, or to accept the cost of the curse.
From Hope Daniels, Love At Christmas: A Wylde River Beginning
The Wylde River adventure begins with a family feud, but when love blooms between Ruth Perry and James Delaney, will their passion cost them everything they have struggled to build in their fledgling town?

From Viv Drewa, The Christmas Owl
Visit World War II Germany, but this won’t be a pleasant holiday when two brave soldiers face dire circumstances against heavy odds – can a mystical owl lead them to safety before it’s too late?

Winter Wonderland: A Lavish Triple Play

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Christmas Candy by Samantha Jacobey
Candice Parker’s life has never been easy. Plagued by losses and setbacks, each day is a struggle for the petite brunette and her young son. When fireman Gary enters her world, he is one mistake she refuses to make; but after tragedy strikes, she may not have a choice. Could this complicated young woman be Gary's Christmas Candy?

Last Chance Christmas by L.A. Remenicky
From the outside, Brent Halston and Jordan McKenna had the perfect life: the house, the dog, fulfilling careers, and their love. Until Jordan pushed him out of her life. This Christmas, all he wants is to get her back… will he get his wish?

Stranded on Vail Mountain by Desiree L. Scott
Winter on Vail Mountain won't be the romantic getaway Joan Clayton had imagined. Her marriage torn apart by secrets and lies, she finds herself in the worst place imaginable - trapped by a blizzard. As Mother Nature rages, she is overcome by feelings a stranger evokes within her. Stranded at the resort, death awaits any who would try to leave, but in its midst, can two people find love and happiness again?

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Secrets and Lies: A Lavish Triple Play by [Jacobey, Samantha, Remenicky, L.A., Carter-Squire, R.A.]

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Dirty Old Man by R.A. Carter-SquireOne sad old man is ready to make things right this Halloween. Roy Corwin, a simple man, widower, retired. A long life lived with a purpose. Roy loved Halloween. He treated it as the most special night of the year. Decorations, spooky stories, kids dressed as ghosts and goblins running from house to house collecting enough candy to satisfy any sweet tooth for a year. That’s what he thought, until this year. This year, things are going to change...

Loving Marie by L.A. RemenickyJames Marsden had his life planned: get a job as an Indianapolis cop, work his way up to detective, and then find a nice girl to start a family. Marie Griffen just wanted to live her life without her older brother watching over her. When Steve introduced the pair, he made it clear that she was off-limits. Can they get around his interference and find their forever together?

Teach Me to Prey by Samantha JacobeyRebecca Stewart had never let things get personal with her students. Jason Truitt and his friends enjoyed tormenting teachers, and graduation day wasn’t going to stop them. A twisted tale of passion lies, and an epic clash of wills, Becky becomes the main suspect when one of the boys is murdered. Can she convince Detective Browning of the truth before all three of the young men fall victim to a killer, forcing her to raise her unborn child alone?

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Skewed Reality: A Lavish Triple Play by [Jacobey, Samantha, Carter-Squire, R.A., Hjort, A. Nicky]

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An Altered Course by R.A. Carter-Squire
When a friend is in trouble, no barrier is too great; not even decades. Driven to unravel his best friend’s disappearance, Michael Eldridge is on the verge of a discovery that will enable him to finally solve the mystery; time travel. While in the process of ensuring a safe and successful trip, Michael’s life explodes around him. Will he find the truth, get the girl, and save his father, or will he be swept away on An Altered Course….

Rendered by Samantha Jacobey
From affluent beginnings, Bailey Dewitt's life has become a broken mess. After her parents died unexpectedly, she didn't think it could get any worse. But when the arrogance of man catches up and puts the entire world into a dooms-day spiral, there will be only one she can run to - the one she wanted desperately to escape.

The City: The Jane Harvest by A. Nicky Hjort
Isla has vowed to find a way to bring her people back home, but she will have to deconstruct consciousness and the very nature of the space time continuum to unravel good from evil, truth from lies, and survival from true love. Welcome to the City–where it takes lives to save lives…

J. Haney

A Heart Strings Love Affair Bk1
Kentucky Blues



Do you ever wish you were in an 80s movie, where the guy always gets the girl and girl always goes through hell but end result is perfect? Yea well my life's nothing's like that. 
My name is Abigail Greenwood 
I live on the wrong side of the tracks. I don't hang with the cool kids and I actually have to work for the stuff I want. My cokehead mother won't do shit and my father well he works to pay the bills. Today is just one more day before I get out of this shithole town.
*** Erotic Elements 
*** Poly-Amorous Elements


N. J. Salupo

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Ellie Danes

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The Matchmaker Series Bk1

A steamy Christmas Romance from Ellie Danes

Big City Billionaire Niles Holiday wanted to escape his past and the future that he never had, a December wedding with his jilted fiance, Jenna. When Niles crosses paths with his old high school friend, Mason Asher, the billionaire bad boy matchmaker, Niles learns that the life of a playboy isn't everything it is cracked up to be.

California girl Emily Grey moved across the country to start a new life and build the future she dreamed of, but when irresistible Niles Holiday crosses her path she decides to take on a brand new project and she gets more than she bargained for, complete heartbreak.

Can Niles be the one man that changes Emily's outlook and make her December a Holiday to Remember?

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From Bestselling Author Ellie Danes

The Holiday Box-Set 

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A steamy Christmas Romance from Ellie Danes

Big City Billionaire Niles Holiday wanted to escape his past and the future that he never had, a December wedding with his jilted fiance, Jenna. When Niles crosses paths with his old high school friend, Mason Asher, the billionaire bad boy matchmaker, Niles learns that the life of a playboy isn't everything it is cracked up to be.

California girl Emily Grey moved across the country to start a new life and build the future she dreamed of, but when irresistible Niles Holiday crosses her path she decides to take on a brand new project and she gets more than she bargained for, complete heartbreak.

Can Niles be the one man that changes Emily's outlook and make her December a Holiday to Remember?

Every Christmas I had wished for Snow. This time I got him.

Christian Snow is off limits — he’s my best friends’ brother.
Now we’re spending Christmas together.
I would have run if I knew he was going to be there.
There are reasons I can’t be with Christian, reasons why I shouldn’t even try.
I’ve got a secret weighing on me,
But all I can think about is unwrapping the perfect Christmas package.

A Christmas with Snow is a hot and steamy holiday romance with plenty of love, romance and steam with a HEA you'll love

One bet.
Winner take all.
My prize... Him.

Being stranded at the airport was the last thing I wanted.
Flights canceled. Rooms booked.
The only thing I had was a suitcase, the bar and the hot stranger sitting next to me.

Dean Pearson was hot, confident with a side of cockiness and filthy rich.
The perfect cocktail to forget my woes and also celebrate delaying a trip to see my family.
A few drinks later and the stakes were higher than I could ever imagine.

Would I be willing to bet it all at the chance for a prize of a lifetime at Christmas?

The Christmas Gamble is hotter than a yule log and guaranteed to melt snow and bring a heat to your holiday like never before. It is a standalone novel with a HEA and no cheating.


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By the Book by [Vickers, Maria]

Joshua Dayton met the man of his dreams as a sophomore in high school—his mentor and biology teacher, Mr. Cayden. Fearing his love would be considered forbidden and rejected, he ran away to college, determined to move on and forget. Three years later, he is summoned home and comes face to face with the man he tried to leave in the past. The same man he never stopped loving.

Samuel Cayden was looking for a fresh start and an escape. What he was not expecting was to develop feelings for his student, Joshua. Yet when the boy returns home a man, Samuel can no longer pretend the pull between them doesn’t exist.

Will the student become the teacher, showing Samuel how to open his heart? Will Samuel be able to prove to Joshua that things are not always what they appear? Or will the spark fizzle before it has a chance to ignite?

It’s time they got a lesson in love and temptation.

Off-Campus Setup

Off-Campus Setup by [Vickers, Maria]

Levi Cox left it all behind to go to school in California, but nothing could prepare him for what he discovers when he gets there. Between the university screwing up his living arrangements, the weird meddling old woman who runs the boarding house, and the fellow student who instantly catches his eye, life in Cali is more than he expected, and he isn't sure he's ready for any of it. College was supposed to be an adventure, but this might be more than Levi can handle.

Nathan Orion wants to have fun. That's what he lives for and it's exactly what his college years are supposed to be about. He's happy with living the single life and being carefree…that is until the new student at his grandmother's boarding house crashes into his life. Now he's been recruited to show the new guy around, and if Nathan has his way, it won't be just on-campus.

Will there be more, or is this only an illusion? Two men thrown together, not expecting anything, but possibly finding so much more than an off-campus setup.


Unbreak Me by [Vickers, Maria]

They were supposed to be together forever. That was the plan, but through a cruel twist of fate the night before their three-year anniversary, Tex Davis lost the one man he would ever love, Memphis King. A year has passed and he still hasn’t been able to move on. Everyone tells him it’s time, but what do they know? Memphis was his partner in love and life. Losing him, broke Tex.

Tex has been given an opportunity to move from New York to Seattle. His friends and family are encouraging him to take it, but he has already decided to decline the offer because that would mean leaving Memphis behind.

Then something happened.

Whether it be fate or something else, Memphis came back to him. Tex’s first love is supposed to help him move on, but not even Memphis can bring himself to force Tex to let him go.

Is it so wrong to want to spend forever with the person you loved most? Both hearts are begging to be unbroken.



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When Angels Fly

After surviving the cruel rage of tyranny from her mother and ex-husband, Sarah Jackson traveled a new path; a journey of loss, heartbreak, and ultimately strength. How do we survive the unthinkable, our child suffering from a terminal illness? They say there is no greater loss than that of a child; I say losing a child is the king of loss. Sometimes the thing that helps us survive it, is knowing we are not alone. Bestselling author, Sarah Jackson, will take you on her journey of hope and strength as she provides an intimate raw look at her life.


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J. Haney & S.I. Hayes 

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County Fair Romance Series Sale!

Love a good #FamilyDrama? How about one with a can't keep their hands off of, hot for each other couple? This is how a Country/City romance is supposed to be! 

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#StolenMoments Bk 1 Meet Justin and Fallon- Free

#WinterKisses Bk 2 Fall in love with the characters- .99cents

#SpringFling Bk 3 Get kicked in the feels- Free

#FreedomRings Bk 4 Feel the Fear- .99 cents

#HardHarvest Bk 5 Find something to hold on to- .99 cents

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What happens when the Kids take over?

#NewRelease #99Cents #SweetIntentions #ChristmasNovella #SiHayes #JHaney #SecondChance Love Heals on a Christmas Tree Farm.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder unless you're Samuel Benson.

Betrayed by his own brother and the love of his life, Sam has stayed away for ten years until the death of the Benson Patriarch lures him home. Taking care of the Christmas Tree Farm is one thing, but can he face his past and reconcile the choices that were made, or will it all blow up in his face?

Peyton Miller was the girl next door. She’s been in love with the boy on Church Street since she was eight, but circumstances put her in the arms of his brother. Ten years later, Peyton is widowed with two children and a third on the way. Will she ever feel like her old self again? Will she be able to chisel the ice from Sam's heart to find the path to forgiveness? Can she ever forgive herself?

T.A. Moorman

New Release
Underlayes: Omnibus On sale for 1.99

Underlayes is another dimension where all sorts of nocturnal creatures reside; witches, vampires, fae, shifters, werewolves… The dimension was created by all these creatures working side by side to escape the scrutiny and danger to their existence that stemmed from the human world. And they most definitely reek tons of havoc on a regular basis. While there is no racism, discrimination, or bigotry. There's still tons of ignorance, foolery, and good old fashioned jealousy. Including, but not limited to a magical, dysfunctional family. A strong hybrid couple with baby mama drama. Another hybrid that's kidnapped by her own great-grandmother. A female with a second chance at life after suffering domestic violence. And a romantic rendezvous with hellhounds as chaperones.

This special addition not only takes you deeper into the world of Underlayes, it also includes the first four books in the series along with a special Mother's Day short story. That's not all! There's also an Interview with a Demon.

Get ready to laugh, cry, cringe, and maybe even fall in love.

"Fans of Charmed, BlackPanther & Immortals After Dark are sure to fall in love with the new Underlayes series. Full of magic, vampires, witches, demons, & one dysfunctional family nobody would voluntarily cross."

SALE: Reduced 76% off
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Game Changer: A Single Dad/Nanny Romance (Change of Hearts Book 1)


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Lily Luchesi
November 28th-December 2nd

The Coven History (The Coven Series Book 4)

(Stand alone)


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Select titles on sale for only 99 cents.

Elon: Journey to Truth


The LoveBeep 


A Life Without Living (The STREGA Series Book 1) 


The Baker's Husband: A Second Chances Book 

Jeannie Sharpe

A Scandal at Crystalline: An Early Mystery 


These Titles are Available

Chase Me (Friend-Zone Series Book 1)


Pebbles Lacasse


Nov. 29th-Dec1st
Just $1.99


Logan Chance

LOVE DOCTOR, by Logan Chance, IS ON SALE FOR ONLY 99 CENTS, or you can read for FREE with KU!

“Gah I FLOVED Love Doctor!! It's fun and sexy and the banter between Rose and Declan is laugh out loud hilarious! Their chemistry fairly lept through my Kindle.” 
Comedic sparks fly between the preacher’s daughter and her Sex Therapist boss. Read Love Doctor in Kindle Unlimited:

•Office Romance
•Romantic Comedy
• Sexy Doctor Hero


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