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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Guest Blog by T.W. Mordrake

Succubus: Shadows of the Beast
T.W. Mordrake

Genre:  Paranormal and Urban Fantasy

Publisher:  Nocturnal Trinity

Date of Publication: May 16th, 2015


Number of pages: 475 pages
Word Count: 138,000 words

Cover Artist: Ravenborn

Book Description:  

Entering the real world after college often educates one to the true horrors of the harsh obstacles life has to offer. For Kailey Yates the discoveries are far more terrifying and dangerous. Two days before she graduated with a degree in investigative journalism, her brother Vincent is found dead in his swimming pool with a syringe stuck in his arm. His death is ruled as a suicide, but Kailey doesn't buy it.

She suspects Vincent's new wife Cassie is the one who actually killed him. Her suspicions are drawn from his rapid health deterioration during his short six month marriage. During one of her last Skype conversations she had with Vincent, Kailey's roommate Raven witnesses their conversation and immediately senses that Vincent is being soul-drained by a succubus. Since Raven is a witch, Kailey has no doubt about her friend's perception and concludes that Cassie must be the demon responsible.

Kailey leaves Boston and flies to Seattle for her brother's funeral. While there she investigates the circumstance surrounding his death. She uncovers dark information that leads her to Nocturnal Trinity, a nightclub in the heart of Seattle. And worse, the underground club is run by a powerful alliance of vampires, demons, and witches that wish to protect Cassie at all costs, which includes killing Kailey or anyone else if necessary.

Warning: Adults 18+ due to adult theme/scene.

Available at Amazon

Excerpt: Chapter One

Kailey Yates knew that her brother Vincent would never have killed himself had it not been for his new wife, Cassie.  And yet, Kailey stood at Vincent’s graveside while the workers prepared to lower her brother’s casket into the cold ground, his final resting place.

The gray overcast Seattle sky with its chilly swirling mists set the mood for the burial and the gloom that also possessed her broken heart.  The towering leafless oaks in the cemetery were sinister skeletons forewarning that the dangerous kiss of winter’s death would soon settle over them, harsher than ever before.

One never escaped death, but sometimes death came too early with an unfairness that made Kailey want to scream at the heavens from her inner rage and loss.  After all, her brother had been a successful attorney in his early thirties and destined to become the first in their family that had graduated from college to live a prosperous lifestyle.  He was never a man who entertained suicidal thoughts.

The workers and his ritzy friends from the Langston Law Firm had come out in great number.  She estimated no less than one hundred people had arrived.  Never had she seen so many expensive suits and vehicles.  Coming from a modest middleclass family, she never imagined she or her brother would rub elbows with the upper class of society, but he had been adamant that they would be wealthy and worked painstakingly to get them there.

While the priest gave the eulogy, the men and women stood stoically silent, their eyes staring at Vincent’s casket.  The priest finished speaking and led the audience in a proper prayer, praying that Vincent’s soul found forgiveness and mercy for leaving this world by suicide.

How fitting, Kailey thought, wringing her hands.  Blame the innocent for what the murderer did.

While the others respectfully closed their eyes, she gazed around, trying to see Cassie, but the two men standing in front of her sister-in-law blocked Kailey’s view.  Moments after the priest finished his lengthy ill-placed prayer, the wealthy people mingled to hug, shake hands, and chat.

The slight breeze swirled Kailey’s long reddish-brown curls, forcing her to pull her hair back and letting it fall onto her back and shoulders.  Her jaw suddenly tightened, hiding the wrinkles that deepened into cute dimples whenever she smiled.  Her hazel eyes suddenly blazed with anger and vengeance.

Across the grave Cassie stood dressed in a form-fitting black skirt that accentuated her perfect curves and perhaps distastefully revealed more leg than what was suitable at a funeral for one’s husband.  Her tight long-sleeved jacket cut off at her midriff, revealing her well-defined abs.  She wore black-netted hose and velvety black high heels.  Hell, streetwalkers wore more clothes in this cold weather.

Cassie hid her pale face behind a white handkerchief and sobbed.  Kailey understood how a man might be immediately drawn to Cassie’s exquisite beauty.  Her slender oval face with high cheekbones gave her a regal presence even at this dismal funeral.  She carried herself with the utmost grace, in spite of her poor choice of attire, but she also had a seductively dark energy radiating from her.

When Cassie’s dark eyes met Kailey’s, Cassie lowered her hands and meekly folded the handkerchief.  Her tearless eyes weren’t even slightly tinged red.  A bit of amusement curled Cassie’s pouty lips.  An odd flicker of recognition blazed in her eyes and hinted slight detestation, even though they had never met in person.  Kailey felt the resentment and didn’t understand why, unless Cassie had somehow figured out that Kailey suspected her of murdering Vincent, which Kailey did.  Perhaps Cassie read it in her eyes.  Or worse, perhaps this she-devil could read Kailey’s thoughts.

Moments later, Cassie broke their connection and returned to her fake sobs, wiping at her eyes with the cloth in a way that demanded pity from the solemn onlookers.

One of Vincent’s former attorney friends wore a gray pinstriped suit and overcoat.  He approached Cassie to console her.  He was trim with brown hair, a firm jaw, and offered a tender smile as he spoke to the widow.  She buried her face against the man’s chest.  Obviously surprised by her approach, he gently patted her back from an awkward distance, but Cassie aggressively wrapped her arms around him.  To lessen his discomfort in the situation, he finally leaned in closer and embraced her.

She nuzzled against his chest, reached beneath his jacket, and clung to him.  Her body shook with what people nearby might consider being violent heaving sobs.  He rested his chin atop her head and whispered.  His hands gently rubbed her back, and she seemed to calm at his touch and gentle words.  She stopped sobbing and became less broken.

Don’t you see that those tears aren’t real?  A slight breeze rustled Kailey’s long flowing brown hair.  Instead of remorse for her brother’s death, she felt a growing resentment toward his widow.  A bitter taste came to the back of her throat, and she fought the rising gag reflex from seeing this woman’s blatant slutty behavior and utter disrespect for her husband.  What did Vincent ever see in you?

Kailey also battled the growing urge to march across the cemetery and rattle the woman with several jabs to Cassie’s face and swift punches to her stomach.

Another place.  Another time.

Kailey’s sister-in-law, even now, wore little makeup.  Her lipstick was a bright red hue, which made her pale reflection appear even lighter.  Her raven hair was neatly styled with silver pins and sprigs of Lady’s Breath.  Her pretend tears had not smudged the dark mascara around her eyes, and with her ashen complexion she resembled a corpse better than her brother probably had at his viewing.  To others, even the hundred or more attending the funeral, she appeared stately, reserved, and the perfect widow.

Well played, Kailey thought.  You’ve fooled them, but not me.

Cassie was a cold parasite that had preyed upon Vincent, seduced him into marrying her, and then taken his life to possess his wealth and million-dollar estate.  Kailey couldn’t act on her suspicions alone.  She needed proof.  The coroner had ruled her brother’s death as a suicide, but she believed it was not.  Relevant details had never been disclosed to her, and she wanted answers.

Vincent had been murdered.  Cassie had killed him, made it look like a suicide, and Kailey was determined to prove it.

Soundtrack for Succubus: Shadows of the Beast
by T.W. Mordrake

While writing I do a LOT of research about cities, myths, legends, and so forth.  But I love writing to music and happened upon a group I had not heard of until I was working on the Succubus novel

The group is HIM and the album is “Dark Light.”  Since there are vampires in my novel, I found this album to be great musical inspiration while I wrote.  The song list is below.  Out of all the songs, “Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly” is my favorite.

The song title sounds violent, but when you get the songwriter’s meaning behind the song, it makes a lot more sense.  “In this song, Ville  valo is basically saying that it comes from a Greek mythology that they belived that if you ripped the wings out of a butterfly then they would live forever. Would you be able to destroy something buetiful to live forever and  are you willing to take a chance to ruin something beautiful (a butterfly. But in this case, he's using a metaphor. Ie butterfly = life) To take a risk (ripping the wings off = a relationship) in order to gain something greater (eternal life from ripping the wings off = Love).” (HIM blogspot Lyrics, )

1. "Vampire Heart"   4:46
2. "Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly"  
3. "Under the Rose"   4:50
4. "Killing Loneliness"  
5. "Dark Light"   4:31
6. "Behind the Crimson Door"   4:37
7. "The Face of God"   4:36
8. "Drunk on Shadows"   3:49
9. "Play Dead"   4:36
10. "In the Nightside of Eden"   5:40
Total length: 45:44

Another album that I’ve listened to for years is Nox Arcana’s Transylvania.  I bought this album in 2007.  The dark mood music is great as background while writing.  According to my iTunes player I’ve listened to the album more than 100 times.  Yeah, it’s that good!

Check these out, and perhaps you’ll understand why I found them so inspirational while I wrote Succubus: Shadows of the Beast.

T.W. Mordrake

About the Author:

T.W. Mordrake writes Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Fantasy.  A lover of all things mystical, T.W. explores the strange, unusual, and haunted places in the U.S., which lends to the underlying charm for writing about the paranormal creatures that lurk in the dark shadows of night.


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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Guest Blog: Spell of Shattering

Spell of Shattering 
Dark Caster Series 
Book 4
Anna Abner

Genre: paranormal romance

Publisher: Mild Red Books

Date of Publication: June 20, 2015

ISBN 978-0-09914031-4-1

Number of pages: 275
Word Count: 70K

Cover Artist: Jaycee DeLorenzo 
at Sweet & Spicy Designs

Book Description:

Dive into the heart-pounding final chapter of the Dark Caster series! 

If the Chaos Gate opens… 

Demons will infest the world. 

When the charismatic mayor of Auburn hires junior agent Jessa McAvoy to acquire him a very specific property, she hopes this is her big break. She’ll do anything to make her first real estate client happy, but the one favor he asks of her is impossible—convince her former friend Derek Walker to come out of hiding. Doing so will not only bring her into the orbit of dangerous casters, but force her to confront long-buried feelings for her missing friend. 

After failing his tasks for the Dark Caster, necromancer Derek Walker is hiding in Alaska from his humiliating defeats as a card-carrying member of an evil dark cabal. But when his old boss begins opening the Chaos Gate, there is nowhere on earth Derek can hide. With no other options, he must return to the last place he wants to go—home. 

When Derek Walker joins forces with Jessa and the entire Raleigh coven, the dark cabal’s biggest disappointment may be the only thing standing between earth and total destruction. 

Available at Amazon


Spell of Shattering (Dark Caster #4) by Anna Abner Excerpt

With a little pressure, Derek Walker punched his boning knife through the throat of a dead Silver Salmon. Working the knife like a saw, he removed the head and tossed it into the trash, and then got to work gutting the unlucky creature. Bright fish blood swirled in the lake below, creating an abstract waterscape.
Bo’s voice carried over the sound of the lapping tide. "Ice is the strongest element there is," he shouted at Stubby.
They were certainly surrounded by the stuff. Bits of frost clumped in Bo’s scraggly beard, heavy snow clung to drooping tree limbs, and gray clouds swept across the sky ready to shower ice upon their heads at any moment. Derek hoped the storm would hold off a little while longer, though, at least until the men finished fishing.
"Bullshit." Bo’s friend Stubby dug through the nearby cooler but came up empty. The six-pack was long gone, and it wasn’t even ten a.m. Frustrated, Stubby spit brown tobacco juice into the mud. "Fire's stronger than ice."
Derek shifted weight from one foot to the other and skidded in the mud, catching himself on a rock. It may be August in Alaska, but the wet ground around Bear Lake at first light was cold and seeped through his sneakers.
"No it ain't," Bo argued. "Glaciers carved up the earth, you dummy. A few drops of frozen water will break boulders." He waved Stubby off. "You don't know what you're talking about."
Stubby seemed to take the argument personally. "Fire melts ice. End of story."
Derek prayed it was, but of course, it wasn't. Bo and Stubby could argue for hours over the most accurate brand of deer rifle, the stoutest superhero, or the most potent tequila. The latest debate over nature’s most dangerous element could rage on for days.
Derek sliced up two beautiful fish fillets and wrapped them in paper for his boss’s dinner. Most likely, Derek would sear them on the grill with some peppers and serve them up tonight to a small house party of world-class belchers and bearded survivalists on Bo’s deck.
It surprised Derek he could even wield a knife or a BBQ grill in his condition. The memory spell Holden Clark had hit him with four months ago had devastated his mind. Literally. He may as well have dropped him headfirst from a forty-story building onto broken glass and concrete. Holden had stolen every single memory, skill, and instinct Derek possessed, leaving him alive but hollow.
Waking in a hospital bed blank and vulnerable had been the most terrifying moment of his life. He picked up the second fish and attacked it with the knife.
Generally, the work he did as Bo’s assistant was exhausting, which suited Derek just fine. He didn’t need the money. He needed the distraction.
Actually, it wasn't that much different from the work he’d done in Auburn as Rebecca Powell's assistant. Then, he’d redecorated houses, delivered paperwork, sometimes picked up coffee and her dry cleaning, and most of the time surfed on his computer or chatted with Jessa McAvoy, the adorable junior agent working as Rebecca's protégé. Here, he bought groceries, cooked rudimentary meals, lugged trash to the dump, and drove Bo home when he drank too much.
Whether it was good living or not didn’t enter his mind. It was just living.
"All done, boss," Derek said with effort, throwing the last of the slimy scraps into the trash and tucking the fillets into the cooler. It was a constant struggle to form words and transfer them to his tongue. He was getting better, but he feared he would never be whole again.
"Anything else?" Derek asked, rinsing his bloody hands in the icy lake.
"Yeah, run into town and get another twelve pack, will ya'?" Bo asked.
"Sure." He ambled for Bo’s pickup, jingling a ring of keys as he went.
“You’re putting too much weight on your bobber again,” Stubby accused. “You’ll never catch anything that way.”
“You don’t know what you’re yammering about,” Bo shot back. “I’ve caught twice as many fish as you have, and that’s just today!”
Derek climbed into the truck before he caught Stubby’s reply.
He didn't care. He didn't care about much anymore. Even after the memory-destroying spell had been reversed, he still wasn't the same. Like tying shoelaces. He just couldn't get it. No matter how many YouTube videos he watched, he couldn't make the bunny go round the tree or the fox go in the hole or whatever nonsense he was supposed to do with ease. It worried him how much he didn't remember. What else was gone, never to return?
Kissing, for one. Surely, he must have kissed a woman at some point—he was a grown man—but he couldn't recall specifics. Or even gather the desire to try it again. It seemed silly to him. That and sex. Bizarre, pointless endeavors when he had other much more important stuff to worry about.
Like how he was…
"…A huge fucking disappointment," the spirit spat at him. "A total waste of good space. You think you deserve a second chance? What have you ever done…"
A grizzly of a dead man with a full beard and hunters cap hovered beside Bo’s truck, a gleeful smile on his pudgy face. For the past four months, the ghost had been his unwanted but constant companion.
Derek tuned out the ranting. It was getting a little easier. Night was the hardest. Trying to sleep while a nasty ghost screamed obscenities and curse words at him from the ceiling was challenging. Ear plugs only muffled the noise. They didn’t erase it completely.
The irony was, Derek was especially good at shield spells. With a spirit’s assistance, he could produce an invisible barrier impenetrable to both magic and spirit chatter. With a spirit of his own, Derek could cast banishing spells on all the ghosts the Dark Caster sent to torment his every waking moment. But Derek didn't have a spirit companion anymore. Robert had been destroyed back in Auburn, North Carolina in the magical fiasco that had stolen Derek's memories. And a necromancer without a spirit was just a man.
Almost the way a stray, foul-mouthed ghost couldn’t do any real damage without a necromancer to channel his spirit power.
He and the taunting soul were in the same boat—stuck with each other and frustrated.
It didn’t make listening to his insults any easier.
“Go away,” Derek murmured.
“What’s that, you miserable piece of crap?”
Clenching his jaw, Derek glared through the mud-streaked windshield at his new boss reclining in his favorite camp chair.
“Lost your voice?” the spirit taunted. “Loser,” he chanted. “Imbecile. Idiot.”
Alaska seemed far enough away to be safe.
So far, the worst the Dark Caster had managed since Derek’s escape was the big-mouthed ghost clinging to the inside of the truck.
Derek cranked the engine and steered away from the lake at a leisurely five miles an hour. Driving was something he had only re-learned since he’d been in Alaska. With the way Bo drank, it was a necessity.
Derek drove slow. Probably too slow. He remembered, vaguely, driving his former sports car fast on long, lonely stretches of highway, taking turns at warp speed and weaving recklessly through freeway traffic. Not anymore. Now, he was worse than an old woman. He didn't drive the speed limit. He drove under it. When Bo teased him about it, which Bo loved to do at all times about all things, Derek blamed it on the rain and snow, but it honestly had little to do with weather conditions.
Just one more thing Holden Clark had stolen from him.
He parked in front of the town's shopping center, bypassing a hardware store, a smoke-filled tavern, and the post office to pull open the heavy glass doors of a grocery store. Derek selected a twelve-pack of cheap, cold beer from the refrigerator case in the rear of the shop, and when he spun around, he came face-to-face with the eighteen-year-old checkout girl.
"Hi, Derek," she said, grinning brightly.
It was too cold, too quiet, and too depressing to be so happy.
"Hello," he returned, veering around her.
"Going fishing again?" she asked, trailing him down the baked-goods aisle.
"Bo is." Derek didn't fish. He’d never learned and didn’t see the point.
"I love to fish," she exclaimed, scampering behind the register as he set the beer on the counter. "I'll teach you how. I mean, if you don't know how. Do you know how?"
While he rearranged possible responses in his mind, he studied the girl. Lea, read her nametag. She was young and dewy, and he envied the ease with which she spit out words, but something was missing. There was no light in her. An overabundance of enthusiasm, but no inner glow.
The thought of touching her in any way, let alone kissing her, made him slightly queasy. Definitely uncomfortable. And not in a good way.
"No, thanks," he said, the same as every other time Lea had invited him somewhere.
Her face fell. "Oh. Yeah. Some other time."
He paid for the beer with Bo's credit card and turned to leave.
"You're gay, right?" Lea called after him. "That's it. You only like boys?"
He lowered his eyes and exited fast, tossing the beer in the cab of the pick-up.
Derek had been called worse in his life. It hardly bothered him anymore. He knew what kind of person attracted him. At least, he used to know. Since Holden's spell, it was hard to say what turned him on anymore because nothing did.
He just wasn't interested in being tangled up in someone else's life. Or worse, someone tangling up in his. Because his was a twisted disaster of epic proportions.
To prove it, as if Derek held any doubts, his least favorite ghost appeared in the seat beside him.
“Worthless,” he repeated, making his voice purposefully ominous. “Worthless…worthless…worthless…”
Arriving at the lake a bit distracted, Derek stomped around thick-trunked trees toward Bo and Stubby's camp chairs and silently arranged the twelve-pack in their cooler.
"Thanks, my friend," Bo exclaimed. "Come pick us up later."
"I will." Until then, Derek would be working on his cabin. Struggling, he finally spit out, "Text me if you need anything."
Once Bo and Stubby started drinking, though, they’d be arguing good-naturedly and downing cold beers for hours. Derek would have the rest of the day to himself.
“…just kill yourself already…you spineless worm…” The Dark Caster’s spirit trailed him toward the truck. “…cut your own throat, and I’ll laugh while you die…”

Or maybe not.

About the Author:

Anna Abner lived in a haunted house for three years and grew up talking to imaginary friends. In her professional life, she has been a Realtor, a childcare provider, and a teacher. Now, she writes edge-of-your-seat paranormal romances and blogs from her home in coastal North Carolina about ghosts and magic. You can connect with her online at 


Local Mystery Man Derek Walker Spotted at the Raleigh Airport By Ray X

Just when you thought things couldn’t get stranger in former bad boy Derek Walker’s life, he showed up at the Raleigh International Airport two days ago looking scruffy and tattered. Things are not looking up for my favorite decorator to the rich and fabulous.

Q: Derek! Oh, my God, is that really you? Where have you been?
A: …
Q: [I spotted the tag on his gym bag.] You were in Alaska? Were you there for business or pleasure? Do you have family there?
A: …
Q: Derek, why won’t you talk to me? We used to be friends, didn’t we?
A: We were friends?
Q: Yeah, of course. We met at the Battleship Bar like a million times. You were the best wing man I’ve ever had.
A: I don’t remember.
Q: Wait, don’t leave! Come on. What were you doing in Alaska? Is that where you’ve been hiding for the past four months?
A: …
Q: Can I ask about the car crash? No, don’t get in that taxi. Derek!

And he was gone. So, friends, what is your take on the mystery that is Derek Walker? Is he home for good? Is he recovered from that frightening single-car accident he caused in April? And why in God’s name was he summering in Alaska?

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Guest Blog: Alina Popescu

The Breaking of Bonds Tour Banner
Title: The Breaking of Bonds
Series: Bad Blood, Book Two
Author: Alina Popescu
Genre: paranormal, supernatural, paranormal romance, vampire
Length: Novel


A human sacrifice throws vampires of two worlds, trueborn and baseborn, into an escalating conflict. One side pushes for revenge, the other for freedom. The trueborns stubbornly hunt for Anthony and Louis, pushed by Hesrah’s desire to avenge her human best friend, Alexa. The baseborns are divided between rallying with those challenging the rule of Ankhsis and obeying the trueborns.
What emerges from the portal between Earth and Ankhsis in the middle of the turmoil rocking both worlds is more dead than alive. Neither human, nor baseborn, and certainly not trueborn. This new being will either damn them all or be their race’s most powerful weapon. Will they trust it not to destroy them, or will Ankhsis decide putting it down is the only solution?
In the end, who is guilty? Who will pay? Will anyone survive its wrath?

Book Trailer

Buy Links:

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon AU:
Amazon DE:
Make sure you read book one of the series before enjoying book two!

The Edge of Hope – Bad Blood Trilogy, Book 1

badblood cover blog promoEveryone she loved betrayed her. She felt lost and broken. Getting away from the pain and embracing a new path, Alexa decided to leave her old life behind and chase a long forgotten dream in Malta. There she met a gorgeous man, bearing the scent of fresh love. He led her to a new city to explore, Amsterdam. Is the tall, dark, and delicious man a dream come true or just a risky gamble?

Alexa chose hope and new beginnings over fear and warning signs only to be brutally dragged into a world she never really thought existed. Vampires, their feuds, and her future held tightly in their hands.

Trapped in a mysterious world, Alexa gives love chance after chance. Following her quest of self-discovery in a blood bound world, will she survive the journey?

Take advantage of the sale for The Edge of Hope – $0.99 everywhere
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon AU:


I shook my head, trying to focus on Seth. “Don’t move,” I said in what I imagined was a stern voice, but to be honest, it shook a little. “Not a muscle.”

“What are you doing,” Seth asked. He did not seem scared either, but he certainly did not trust me around him. 

“Just shut up and do as I say!”

I got closer to him and it all became harder to bear. The smell of his blood, the sight of it, the sound of it running through his veins, the scent of his sweat, it all made my vision blurry. My head was pounding and my stomach hurt worse than ever before. I reached out and put one hand on his shoulder, right next to the bite. I took a few deep breaths, but I tried to get used to the feeling of his skin under my touch and all that closeness to… well, my favorite dish. When it seemed to become something I could take without sucking him dry, I pushed his head toward his right shoulder. He resisted the move but finally moved it. 

The closer my lips got to the bite, the harder it was to keep in mind what I was supposed to do. I was breathing heavily and moaning, I think. There were some sounds coming out of my throat, but I was unsure what it all was. I licked tentatively and stopped when my brain registered the taste of his blood. I had vivid images about bleeding him dry distracting me, but I pushed through and continue to lick the fang marks a little longer, till I was sure I had covered it all in my saliva. 

All I wanted was to be far from him, fast. And the moment the thought formed in my mind, I started running backwards. I bumped into the furthermost wall and stopped. Seth and Magnus seemed to react very slowly, as if they were moving in slow motion. I could see their startled expressions at the sudden move but only long seconds after I had touched the wall. 

“All right, it seems you also have speed. Almost full feral powers on Ankhsis. That will certainly be a problem,” Magnus said in a surprisingly steady voice. In my experience, people tended to panic a little when they discovered a problem. Oh, shit was one of my go-to phrases. 

After making it through the earlier challenge, I started to trust my abilities of self-control more. So I walked back to the bed and sat on the very same chair that Seth had been sitting on when I had woken up.

“Are you OK?” My shaky voice made me cringe a little.

“Yeah, fantastic,” Seth mumbled, arching a brow and staring right at me. It did not take a genius to figure out he was being sarcastic; even Sheldon Cooper would have picked up on it that one time. 

“I’m really sorry.” I winced at the thought of what could have happened and averted my eyes. 

“I’m sorry, that was harsh,” he said, taking me by surprise. I hadn’t expected him to let it go so quickly. I sure as hell wouldn’t have gotten over someone trying to suck the life out of me so quickly. “We’re both new to this, I guess. I am not used to be someone’s prey; you don’t know how to control your urges. My ego is what you have bruised the most.’

“I truly am sorry, Seth! It really is unlike me to behave like that.”

“You mean bleed strange men dry after trying to sexually take advantage of them?” He smirked but his smugness was not funny in the least.

“I don’t remember you resisting that second part much.” I sneered and clenched my fists, starting to feel less guilty for having attacked him. 

“Now, now, kids! Don’t fight,” Magnus said, getting closer to us, probably imagining they could have done a better job at stopping me together. 

The anger was so thick I could have cut it with a knife… if it took a material form. Oh, damn it, who cared, I felt it seething and my stomach coiled with the need to cause some damage and fill up on blood in the process.

“Oh, no, Alexa, I wouldn’t dare say I wouldn’t have… encouraged you to have your way with me,” Seth continued on the same half-amused, half-mocking tone. “But see, I was not the one calling some idiot’s name when I finally emerged from the portal.”

I couldn’t say if I ever had a chance to even think I should try to control my rage. I just threw Magnus across the room, grabbed Seth by the neck and jumped on top of him, on the bed. I could have just squeezed his neck a little and there would be no more mocking me. 

The skin on my inner thighs was touching his abs. A perfect six pack, I could feel it without looking. The raw sexual desire slowly overpowered the anger and the hunger. He was smiling, I eventually noticed. His hands were suddenly moving and I shivered at his soft but steady touch. He caressed me from my ankles upward over my knees and finally settled around my waist. I could smell his arousal and it only made my physical reaction worse. 

“Want to forget about him for a while?” Seth asked and I realized I had stopped holding him by his neck and I was tracing his upper arm muscles instead. I ran across the room once more. I heard him laugh, so I just ran out of the room and out the door. I kept running down the stony alley and into the woods.

Guest Post by Alina Popescu
Sometimes things don’t go according to plan

I’ve spoken about my writing process at length. I start to write the script in my head, I see the characters interacting as their journey comes to life, and when every piece of the puzzle is worked into the thread, I start writing. By the time I start typing it all out on my computer, I know where I’m going. But sometimes characters are nothing but menaces that just won’t go along with my initial plan. 

With the Bad Blood trilogy, that happened twice so far. The first time was easy. I was planning out The Edge of Hope and Louis came out of nowhere, demanding his place in my story. He wouldn’t shut up about it, so I included him in Alexa’s story line early on. It turned out she needed Louis, in more ways than I could have guessed. 

The second time… well, this happened during my planning phase for book two, The Breaking of Bonds. I was used to it by now, but then it happened again while I was writing the story. Seth refused to be a good little supporting character. His relationship with the female lead was supposed to be a sexually charged one, but never move past an initial distraction. Seth was not supposed to play a more significant role in the story. 

Boy, was I wrong! I was dead wrong about him and his importance, or so he kept claiming. I went along with it because I now know better than to fight it. I suppose it’s up to the readers to decide if it was the right call. 

The bottom line is things don’t always follow the path you’ve imagined they would. Characters are loud mouths that refuse to let you shut them up. Stories change, and sometimes the shift is so shattering, you can’t help freaking out a bit. Okay, a lot. The right thing to do? Breathe, relax, and trust the story you’ve imagined and the characters you’ve created. For all intents and purposes, they are not real. But they are the voices of your instincts, telling you where you should go. 


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About the author

Writer, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and even won awards in local competitions. She has always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm, which explains her deep love for vampires and is also to blame for this trilogy.

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Character Interview: Descendant

by L.J. Amodeo
Publisher: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing 
Publication Date: May 26th, 2015
Language: English 
Genre: Young Adult Supernatural Romance
Paperback: 325 pages 


A forbidden love, a sacred bloodline, and a powerful gift, plagues the last remaining descendant with an unspeakable burden and an unforgivable fate. Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Anne Morgan is no stranger to the paranormal world. Haunted by voices and visions for most of her young life, she begins to question her sanity as a teen, setting her apart as an outcast in school. In quatrains and sacred manuscripts, a Chosen One is prophesied, yet Elizabeth does not know she is the descendant of the holiest woman who ever walked the earth. The whispers and cries, meant for her mind only, are those of lost souls pleading to be liberated by the true holder of the key. In her senior year of high school, Elizabeth meets two new strangers, both who know her secret and who turn her world upside down. Meanwhile, her only friend Freddie, loyal, devoted and secretly in love with her, stands quietly in the shadows of her life as she begins to unfold the mystery of who she is destined to become.

Chapter 1: 

Another morning, another night with the same dream; my father applauding my performance of Beethoven’s Silence. He sat beside me on the bench of the baby grand, clapping exuberantly and cheering, “Bravissima!”  I could almost feel his lips brushing over my hair as I sat there staring out my window. I missed him. Not a day went by that I didn’t feel his absence, in my heart, and in our home. 

Feeling sluggish from a restless night’s sleep, I thought about my father, reliving the last time I saw him. Remembering him as the kind, loving father who had nurtured me as a child, got harder every day. My memories now, were of a man who shouted obscenities instead of praises. A man who had lost his mind. Terrifying me, until I felt broken. The man who walked out on us almost eight years ago, no longer resembled the one I called Dad. He became a stranger, yet he still haunted my dreams. The ghost who lingered in my mind and soul. A burden I wondered if I could handle much longer.


∞Tell us something about yourself:

SAMANTHA: I’m rich, insanely gorgeous, smart and love the finer things in life. I’ve traveled the world and everyone wants to be moi! But don’t let this pretty face fool you, get on my bad side and I’ll slit your throat!

∞What about your family? What can you tell us about them?

SAMANTHA:  My mom is the department chair at Porto University, and my brother Luca is doing his residency in Quebec in Neurology. Did I mention that I hate that douche bag? He’s always stealing my spotlight! 

∞If you could spend the day with someone you admire (living or dead or imaginary), who would you pick?

SAMANTHA:  My father Dante, of course. He died a long time ago.

∞I’m sorry to hear that. How did he die?

SAMANTHA:  He was murdered. He was desecrated without honor. All because someone wouldn’t give him what he rightfully deserved. He was betrayed! He meant everything to me, and I will avenge his death.

∞Do you think you've turned out the way your parents expected?

SAMANTHA:  Hello?? Look at me! Hell yeah! I am everything my daddy expected and more, but he’s no longer around to see how I turned out. The only problem now is that swine of my brother Luca. My mother holds a special place in her heart for her prodigal son. He’s always been her favorite, the one who’ll carry the family legacy. Blah! Blah! Blah! But, Luca is a spitting image of my dad in so many ways, but not quite as powerful yet.

∞What's the worst thing you've ever done to someone?

SAMANTHA: Umm, I’m not so sure I’d like to answer that! It may get ugly. 

∞Are you keeping a secret? What is it?

SAMANTHA: Yes I am, and if I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret now, would it?

∞What impression do you make on people when they first meet you? 

SAMANTHA: Well my new friend Elizabeth thinks I am a free-spirit. I haven’t got a care in the world. She’s right! When I enter a room, everyone turns and takes notice. They sense the magnitude of mystery I emanate. Everyone is obviously enchanted with me. Boys can’t take their eyes off of me, and the girls are no competition in this little hole of a town.

∞What would you like it to say on your tombstone?

SAMANTHA: That’s easy. It will read... “Samantha Gaven ~ Drop Dead Gorgeous!”

About the Author:

LJ Amodeo was born and raised in New York. A wife and busy mother of three, she juggles many jobs as a devoted NYC middle school foreign language teacher, owner/founder of BizzyMom Productions, and author of the Descendant Series. LJ, always had a flare for writing and attended St. John’s University with hopes of someday becoming a journalist. However, her passion of working with adolescents, inspired her to become a public school teacher. She always knew that working with kids would be her greatest reward and joy. 

LJ first started her writing career on a whim of imagination, subliminal messages in 2009. She is enthusiastic about her first novel DESCENDANT scheduled to come out in the spring of 2015. Long hours and many sleepless nights, her thoughts are transcribed into this high paced, dark young adult/crossover paranormal romance. This epic novel is the first book in a series. Book two, THE CONCEPTION will be released late summer, 2015.

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Cover Reveal: The Breaking of Bonds

The Breaking of Bonds Cover Reveal


A human sacrifice throws vampires of two worlds, trueborn and baseborn, into an escalating conflict. One side pushes for revenge, the other for freedom. The trueborns stubbornly hunt for Anthony and Louis, pushed by Hesrah’s desire to avenge her human best friend, Alexa. The baseborns are divided between rallying with those challenging the rule of Ankhsis and obeying the trueborns.

What emerges from the portal between Earth and Ankhsis in the middle of the turmoil rocking both worlds is more dead than alive. Neither human, nor baseborn, and certainly not trueborn. This new being will either damn them all or be their race’s most powerful weapon. Will they trust it not to destroy them, or will Ankhsis decide putting it down is the only solution?

In the end, who is guilty? Who will pay? Will anyone survive its wrath?


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Hesrah was growing impatient; she wanted to return to the portal, so she decided she needed to push them to finally share their information with her.

“What is it that you have discovered that needed my immediate attention?”

Anhubis took out an envelope from the inside pocket of his jacket and threw it on the table. She reached out to it and found a few photos in it. Louis, strapped down to a chair, all bloody and beaten. Good for him!

“What is this?” she asked, looking at Anhubis from under knitted eyebrows.

“One of our baseborn friends – we still have a few of those – followed Anthony after the events in Juliana Park. He managed to send these over before being caught.”

“Do you know where he was?”

“Yes, but they are long gone.”

“Why would Anthony do this to his partner in crime?” she asked, tilting her head.

“God knows,” Anukh stepped in. “Maybe they were never partners. Maybe he found out who Louis really was.”

“Can you find them again? Or do I have to bring an Inner Sanctum squad over here?”

“Don’t you dare!” Anhubis said in a thundering voice, pointing a threatening finger at her. “The Inner Sanctum will not meddle on Earth. I will find them again.”

“Make sure you let me know the moment you do,” Hesrah said, her eyes boring into him.

“Won’t you be too busy guarding the portals, waiting for your precious human friend?”

His mocking smirk, more so than his sarcastic words, got to her and in a blink of an eye her fist raced through the air, connecting to his face. As he fell to the ground, she lunged and got on top of him, her fangs piercing the skin of his neck. Her nostrils flared at the spicy cologne he was wearing and she managed to squeeze a few drops of his blood before Anhubis threw her off of him. The fight would have surely escalated if Anukh wouldn’t have stepped in to stop them.

“Are you both crazy?” he hissed, a deep frown line marring his forehead. “Anhubis, you are the head of the High Council. Surely you can tell how ill-advised being inconsiderate towards humans is. And you, Hesrah! You are a part of the Inner Sanctum and your mother’s daughter. You should both be ashamed.”

When they moved away from each other, Anukh, with a half sad, half disgusted smile, said a hurried good-bye and left the room.

“If you ever talk about her like that, I will kill you with my bare hands,” Hesrah said through clenched teeth. To her, that was not a threat, it was a promise, and she suspected Anhubis knew it, as he nodded quickly and took a step back.

The Edge of Hope (Bad Blood I) by Alina Popescu

Everyone she loved betrayed her. She felt lost and broken. Getting away from the pain and embracing a new path, Alexa decided to leave her old life behind and chase a long forgotten dream in Malta. There she met a gorgeous man, bearing the scent of fresh love. He led her to a new city to explore, Amsterdam. Is the tall, dark, and delicious man a dream come true or just a risky gamble?

Alexa chose hope and new beginnings over fear and warning signs only to be brutally dragged into a world she never really thought existed. Vampires, their feuds, and her future held tightly in their hands.

Trapped in a mysterious world, Alexa gives love chance after chance. Following her quest of self-discovery in a blood bound world, will she survive the journey?


Take advantage of the sale for book 1 – 99c on Amazon.


About the author

Writer, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and even won awards in local competitions. She has always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm, which explains her deep love for vampires and is also to blame for this trilogy.

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Blood Assassin Review and Excerpt

Blood Assassin
The Sentinels # 2
By: Alexandra Ivy
Releasing December 30th, 2014


They are the outcasts of humanity. Blessed with power. Cursed by fate. Driven by passion. The Sentinels have returned…


At six-foot-three and two-hundred-fifty pounds, Fane is a natural born guardian. A flawless mix of muscled perfection and steely precision, he has devoted years of his life to protecting a beautiful necromancer. But after she found love in the arms of another, Fane has been a warrior adrift. He swears allegiance only to the Sentinels. And no woman will ever rule his heart again…


Not only a powerful psychic, Serra is that rare telepath who can connect to minds through objects. When the daughter of a high-blood businessman is kidnapped, Serra agrees to help. But when she stumbles onto a conspiracy involving secrets sects and ancient relics, her life is in mortal danger—and Fane is her only hope. Is the warrior willing to risk his body, his soul, and his heart, for Serra? Or will one last betrayal destroy them both?

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“True.”  Fane tried to dismiss the problem from his mind.  Soon enough he would be in the seclusion of the monastery and the dangers of the world would no longer be his concern.  Right?  “It sounds like you have it covered.  I’ll send you more warriors when they’ve completed their training.”

“Dammit, Fane...”  Wolfe bit off his words as the atmosphere in the gym abruptly changed.

Both men turned to discover what had happened.

Or rather...who...had happened.

“Shit,” Fane breathed, a familiar ache settling in the center of his chest at the sight of the beautiful female who sashayed into the room.

Serra Vetrov had the habit of changing the atmosphere in rooms since she’d left the nursery.

Hell, he’d seen men walk into walls and cars drive off the road when she strolled past.

An elegantly tall woman with long, glossy black hair that contrasted with her pale, ivory skin, she had lush curves that she emphasized with her tight leather pants and matching vest that was cut to reveal a jaw-dropping amount of her generous breasts.

Her features were delicately carved.  Her pale green eyes were thickly lashed, her nose narrow and her lips so sensually full they gave the impression of a sex kitten.  

Although anyone foolish enough to underestimate her, was in for an unpleasant surprise.

Serra was not only a powerful psychic, but she was a rare telepath who could use objects to connect with the mind of the owner.  Over the years, she’d used her talents more than once to find missing children or to track down violent offenders.

On the darker side, she could also use her skills to force humans, and those high-bloods without mental shields, to see illusions and could even implant memories in the more vulnerable minds.

Still, it wasn’t her dangerous powers that made grown men scramble out of her path.  Serra had a tongue that could flay at a hundred yards and she wasn’t afraid to use it.

Wolfe sent Fane a mocking smile.  “It appears I’m not the only one who listens to the grapevine.  Good luck, amigo.” 

Turning, he strolled toward the cluster of Sentinels who were watching Serra cross the gym like a pack of starving hounds.   



Serra kept her head held high and a smile pinned to her lips as she marched past the gaping men.  She was female enough to appreciate being noticed by the opposite sex.  Why not?  But today she barely noticed the audible groans as she took a direct path toward her prey.

She felt a tiny surge of amusement as the thought of Fane being anyone’s prey.

The massive warrior was two hundred fifty pounds of pure muscle and raw male power.  He was also one of the rare few who was completely impervious to her ability to poke around in his mind.

Which was a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because it was impossible for a psychic to completely block out an intimate partner, which was a distraction that would make any lover cringe.  There was nothing quite so demeaning as being in the middle of sex and realize your partner was picturing Angelina Jolie.

And a curse because Fane was about as chatty as a rock.  His feelings were locked down so tight Serra feared that someday they would explode.

And not in a good way.

Or maybe it would be good, she silently told herself, gliding to a halt directly in front of his half-naked form.

There weren’t many things worse than watching all emotions being stripped away as you approached the man you’d loved for the past two decades.

Especially when she was a seething mass of emotions.

She wanted to grab his beautiful face in her hands and kiss him until he melted into a puddle of goo.  No.  She wanted to kick him in the nuts for being such a prick.  

Maybe she’d kick him and then kiss it better.

To make matters worse she was on a lust-driven adrenalin high.

Just standing next to his half-naked body coated in sweat made her heart pump and her mouth dry.

God.  She was so fucking pathetic.

Accepting that her companion wasn’t going to break the awkward silence, she tilted her chin up another notch.

Any higher and she was going to be staring at the ceiling.

“Fane,” she purred softly.

His dark gaze remained focused on her face, resisting any temptation to glance at her skimpy vest.  Of course, if it hadn’t been for the rare times she’d caught him casting covert glances at her body, she might suspect he hadn’t yet realized she was a woman.


On the way to the gym she’d practiced what she was going to say.  She was going to be cool.  Composed.  And in complete control.

Instead the fear lodged in the pit of her belly made her strike out like a petulant child.

“You’re leaving?”

He gave a slow dip of his head.  “I’m returning to Tibet.”

The fear began to spread through her body, her hands clenching at her sides.  “Did you ever intend to tell me?”


“When?” she snapped.  “On your way out the door?”

“Does it matter?”

Oh yeah.  He was definitely getting kicked in the nuts.

“Yes, it damned well matters.”

He remained stoic.  Unmoved by her anger.  “What do you want from me?”

She lowered her voice.  It wasn’t that she gave a shit that they had an audience.  Living in Valhalla meant that privacy was a rare commodity.  But she had some pride, dammit.  She didn’t want them to hear her beg.

“You know what I want.”

Something flared through the dark eyes.  Something that sliced through her heart like a dagger.

“It’s impossible,” he rasped.  “I’ll always care for you, Serra, but not in the way you need.”

She should walk away.

It’s what any woman with an ounce of sense would do.

But when had she claimed any sense when it came to this man?

Instead she stepped forward, bringing them nose to nose.  Well, they would be nose to nose if he didn’t have six inches on her.


He frowned, the heat from his body brushing over her bare skin like a caress.  Serra shuddered.  Oh god.  She’d wanted him for so long.

It was like a sickness.

“A Sentinel doesn’t lie.”

She snorted at the ridiculous claim.  “Maybe not, but you can twist the truth until it screams.  And the truth is that you’ve always used your duty to Callie as a shield between us.”

His fists landed on his hips, his eyes narrowing at her accusation.  “My duty was more than a shield.”

Okay.  He had a point.

His bond with Callie had been very real. 

But that didn’t mean he hadn’t hidden behind his obligation as a guardian.

“Fine.”  She held his gaze.  “And now that duty is done.”

He was shaking his head before she finished speaking.  “My duty to Callie is done, but my duty to the Sentinels remains.”

She clenched teeth.  It was true most Sentinels never married.  But it wasn’t against any rules.

Niko had just returned to Valhalla with a wife who promised to be a valuable healer, and Callie had recently married Duncan who’d recently become a Sentinel.

It might demand compromise and sacrifice on both sides, but it could be done.

So why was Fane so unwilling to even give it a try?

“I assume that’s going to be your new excuse?” she forced between gritted teeth.

Without warning his expression softened and his fingers lightly brushed down her bare arm.

“Serra, I don’t need an excuse,” he said, the hint of regret in his eyes more alarming than his previous remoteness.  She was used to him pretending to be indifferent to her.  Now it felt like...goodbye.  Shit.  “I’ve never made promises I can’t keep,” he continued, his tone soft.  “In fact, I’ve been very clear that you should find a man who can give you the happiness you deserve.”

For one weak, tragic moment she allowed herself to savor the brief touch of his fingers.   Then her pride came galloping to her rescue and she was jerking away with a brittle smile.

She would endure anything but his pity.

Hell no.

“Very generous of you.”

He grimaced at her sarcastic tone.  “I know you don’t believe me, but all I’ve ever wanted was your happiness.”

“And you assume I’ll find it in the arms of another man?”  She went straight for the jugular.

The hesitation was so fleeting she might have imagined it.  “Yes.”

She leaned forward, infuriated by her inability to read his mind.  Dammit.   Just when she needed her talents the most she was flying blind.

Was this how humans felt?

This maddening helplessness?

It sucked.

“It won’t bother you at all to know that I belong to another?”

“I will be...”  He took a beat to find the right word.  “Content.”

Author Info
ALEXANDRA IVY graduated from Truman University with a degree in theatre before deciding she preferred to bring her characters to life on paper rather than stage. She currently lives in Missouri with her extraordinarily patient husband and teenage sons. To stay updated on Alexandra’s Guardian series or to chat with other readers, please visit her website at

Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Review -
4.5 Bloody Stars
Readers may never view Monks in the same light after reading this series.

The tension and heat between Fane and Serra has been building up since the very introduction of this series'. A love that has been denied out of asense of duty by only one of the parties, the just may have have reached her breaking point and on the verge of putting any and all advances to an end and move on. As many of us know and have learned the hard way, the greatest joke in the Universe is when you attempt to decide what your own fate shall be. A point brutally driven home when another sect of Sentinel's come out of the shadow's, Assassins. Trained by the Monks to feel no emotions and to use their abilities in the most lethal of ways. And one has Serra within his scope range.

Serra Vetrov is one of the few high bloods fortunate enough to have not only one set of parents to love her, but two. Her birth parents brought her to the sanctuary of Valhalla knowing that would be the safest place for her, yet still remaining in her life and letting her know at every available opportunity how much they love her. An incredibly strong and talented psychic, and just as beautiful as she is lethal, Serra has never had to go wanting for much. When she comes across a Guardian whose mind she cannot penetrate and just so happens to be the Guardian of her adoptive sister, Callie, its both lust and challenge at first sight that quickly manifests into love.  And now that the bond between Fane and Callie is broken, nothing should stand in the way of them being together. Nothing but Fane himself, and Tibet.

Fane refuses to give in to the attraction he feels for Serra. Knowing that as  a Guardian his duty should come above all else, at least that's the excuse he continues to give himself. He knows that being a Guardian places him in constant danger and doesn't want Serra to ever be placed in the middle of it. Never really thinking about the fact of her being a high blood automatically places her in danger no matter who she's with. A point that is driven home when she's kidnapped. And nothing in Heaven or Hel will stand in his way to find her. Only when he does it won't be a simple matter of snatching her away and bringing her back home. 

Serra is being held by an Assassin, one who will not let her go until she completes the task he needs her to do. One that will tug at her own heartstrings, and she may have done willingly had he only asked. But now her life is hanging in the balance and there is nothing Fane or anyone else can do to save her. Though there isn't much Fane will not do in attempt to at least try. 

Full of magic, suspense, violence and more than a few heated love scenes, Blood Assassin is a must read for non-squeamish PNR fans. A powerful psychic that can and will use her brain as a weapon, a deadly assassin out to save the love he loves at all costs, a high blood in stasis that could cause an all out war if her powers are unleashed, and the world's most powerful Guardian out to save the woman he loves, and an Epilogue that will leave readers wide eyed and gasping makes for a powerful action packed novel that will have readers longing for more.
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