Sunday, October 12, 2014

Breaking Point

Breaking Point

Sekhmet, my Goddess, my strength, my inner warrior within, I need you now more than ever before. A killing rage boils within my blood and I fear for the fate of the world if I allow it to be unleashed. These pitiful humans in this world think I cry of sadness but they r tears filled with anger and a hate so cold it would chill the world of ur sisters, Hel, and for the first time in eternity she would be able to feel pinpricks of ice upon her brow.

Never again will I allow anyone to walk over me and take my kindness as weakness. Never again will I bend over backwards for ppl who would do no more than spit on my face if they saw me engulfed in flames.

I pray to you to hold my madness within. For the next time, I will unleash this power and relish in the fact that what happens as an end result will make even the Horned God cringe.

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