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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dark Love

Dark Love

How far would you b willing to go for love? If you met someone online, who you knew in your heart and soul was the one for you. Someone you knew could fulfill your darkest desires, please you and keep you satisfied. Someone who knew exactly what u need. Would you travel across oceans to be with that person. Or would you be willing to live your life with what if?

I'm a dominant woman who needs an Alpha male. As with all aspects about me, there is no true category. I need a man who is man enough to handle me. Not a push over too afraid to even approach me because I'm too "intimidating". So far, the only men who have come close are in other continents.

But one, dear Goddess, he is more than just close. He is my other half. In exquisite dark detail, he has described everything I need, my every want, and not just in the bedroom. I feel my heart longing for him, my soul gravitating towards him. My body aches with need of him, my heart yearns to be with him. When I lay my head down to sleep I can feel his arms wrapped around me in a strong embrace, feel my face resting upon his chest. I can envision our children fighting, laughing, playing and loving one another. I can almost feel him pushing so deeply inside of me that I don't know where either of us begins or ends. Can feel the sweat of our bodies mingle as we take each other to an ecstasy that knows no bounds.

But, what if? What if I'm wrong? What if our fantasy is too good to b a true reality? What if I'm fooling myself in thinking he's as real as I need him to b? What if this is nothing more than a dream that I need to believe in this life of a nightmare that I am living now? What if, as with everyone who is supposed to love me, my blood kin, when we finally meet he feels that I am not worth his love, that I don't need it? What if this is all just an elaborate game to him and he just wants to see how far it will go?

But, what if I'm right? What if this is real and I find myself too afraid to make that leap of faith? What if I do take that chance and find him waiting for me with open arms, longing for me, needing me as I need him? What if with him, my home of my heart awaits?

Shall I take that leep? Or shall I spend my life wondering, what if? Would you?

The answer is yes. The only real love is one your willing to fight for, sacrifice for. My Dark Knight awaits. And have mercy on any soul that stands in our way.

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