GothicMoms Graphics/Promo's

Banners $50
Logos $50
Obituaries $50 (set up for easy print for your local print shop)
Teasers $25 first 2/$10 apiece after that
Book Covers $200 for ebook +$50 for full wrap

Swag (Purchases can be made via Etsy, CashApp, or PayPal)
Bookmarks/Rectangle Keychains: 5/$25 10/$45 20/$80
Round Keychains: 5/$20 10/$35 20/$65
Bottlecap Magnets/Pendants 5/$12 20/$40 50/$85
Cuff Bracelets: 5/$50 10/$80 20/$130
Shepherd’s Hook Bookmark w/Round Cover: 5/$45 10/$80 20/$140
$5 shipping USA $15+ shipping INTL

Facebook Release/Cover Reveal Parties: 65$+
For the low price of $65 we will run your event for you! This price includes set up, invites, graphics, author roundup, and hosting for the entire day! For only $25 more you will also receive a custom-made swag pack for a grand prize, that can be either delivered to you, or directly to the winner.

Street Team/Author Fan Club:
Creation: $50
Need a Street Team to help you get your name out there? We will not only set one up for you but also create both a banner and a logo that helps your team stand out from the rest. With the low price of only $15/month after for maintenance (including group interaction, weekly sharing posts, and making sure the members are behaving. Or misbehaving, whichever you prefer.)
Already have a team? No prob, we will handle maintenance for only $20/month.

Blog Tours
Book Tour's starting at $150

Basic PA Services ($250/month)
Post to Facebook Groups/Pages Mon – Fri (More for new releases.)
Blog Tour set up for new releases
Graphics as needed
Moral support as needed
Event and Tour setup for New Releases
Street Team Management
Search for Author Takeovers
Enter Contests

Other tasks as needed.

Plus PA Services ($400/month)
All of the about plus Newsletter Maintenance/Management
Website Maintenance
Some Formatting

Executive PA Services ($500+/month)
All of the above plus Minor Edits

Further inquiries can be made at:

Payments accepted via PayPal or CashApp

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