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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Double Blitz: In Her Eyes; Through His Eyes

Title: In Her Eyes & Through His Eyes
Author: Cadence Rae & A.M. Jensen
Genre: Upper YA Paranormal Romance
Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours

In Her Eyes: A Rougorou Chronicles Novella (The Rougarou Chronicles)

I once heard a few tales trickled down the bayou from New Orleans that a witch can turn herself into one or curse someone into becoming something of the Lycan nature. Growing up in such a unique culture filled with a variety of folklore and legends, you tend to pass them off as just that, tales. People see and hear strange things so they make up tales to explain it or they make it up for the fun of scaring others with their tale weaving skills or to keep little kids in line. I admit they are pretty cool to hear and study but do I believe in any of them, haha yeah right! I was wrong, so so wrong. As if, finding out my boyfriend aka mate is a werewolf, and an Alpha )or soon to be one) wasn’t strange enough, no things had to get stranger. Such is my life I guess. 

But the best part of this story was by time I grew up there was only one rougarou family left and I happened to have caught the attention of one, one who claim me as his. Unfortunately I knew none of this until I found myself fighting for my life and my freedom against that last standing family while trying to let down my guard long enough to let my true mate into my damaged heart so he could protect me from that threat. But I saw them all as a threat and no longer knew how to trust and that’s where my life takes a dangerous turn. 

Blurb: (Through His Eyes)

Through His Eyes: A Rougorou Chronicles Novella (The Rougarou Chronicles)

Kyler Turner’s life hasn’t always been easy, being the son of the Alpha has always put pressure on him and for a long time he did his best to rebel against all of it. However, he never expected to find his mate before he turned 22 and not to mention a Human. A Human he wanted from the start only she was unapproachable. Things did not start out kindly for them and Ariella would avoid him at any cost. Kyler knows he needs to do something but what can he do to get her to trust him when it appears she doesn’t trust anyone? 

When Ariella’s past comes back to claim her Kyler must do everything he can to protect his Mate and the love of his life from the dangers of her past. Can he truly protect her from the unknown? Can he protect her from herself and can he get her to open up to him? 

Cadence Rae
Cadence is single mom who lives in Cajun Country. You can usually find her playing around on social media, reading, writing, watching movies, or hanging out with her daughter and precious granddaughter. She seldom watch tv but when she does  it’s either: CSI Miami, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, Criminal Minds, or Teen Wolf. She loves purple, butterflies, vampires, werewolves, fairies, and daisies.She is an Alumni of ULL and forever a Rajun Cajuns despite my kids’ love for LSU but she is slowly bringing them over to the red side!

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A.M. Jensen A.M. Jensen is an avid reader, she will read most anything as long as it has a bit of romance action,anything supernatural or paranormal as long as it's not to gory and full of blood and guts. Mrs. Jensen lives in Salt Lake City Utah with her husband Eric and her four wonderful children, and one on the way. She enjoys being outdoors as long as it's in the mountains and with her family. She likes to camp, fish, scrap booking and just recently has taken up learning how to cook different types of food. When she is not hanging with her family you will either see her at the computer or reading a book. A.M. Jensen's oldest son is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, he is 13 and they are both advocates for Autism and has worked with Autism Speaks. She is currently a stay at home Mom who loves her job, she gets to write and stay home with her little ones. It's truly her dream job. She does plan on going back to school and major in Journalism. She loves music, movies and of course books.

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