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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Release Day Spotlight: Unleashed Poems

Author: Jennifer Raygoza
Title: Unleashed Poems
Genre: Poetry
Release Date: 11.13.14
Publishing House: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly


"It’s not always easy to see the light when you’re surrounded by darkness. Sometimes you have to make your own way out of the hole."

A collection of 23 poems, all written in my youth. I wrote a majority of them when I was sixteen to seventeen years old. This was a really hard time in my life. It was a time of heartbreak, pain, love, betrayal, and more. Writing these poems was a dose of sanity when the world around me was corrupting. It was my outlet when I couldn't breathe, and my safety rope when I was drowning. We don't get to pick our story in life. Usually the story picks you. So, with this release I am hoping to show inspiration. You can survive, and you can move on from your dark place. I dedicate this book to all the youth out there going through any type of struggle.

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