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Monday, July 13, 2015

Undying Inferno

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Undying Inferno by T. A. Moorman

Someone asked me recently what is that a woman really wants in a relationship? Here's my response...

Every woman wants to feel irresistible, irreplaceable, wanted, needed, desired whether you've been together sixty days, months or years. Women want to know that spark that was ignited the very first night you lay together is still there. Women want to know that fierce, burning inferno of passion is a flame that will never die out. Women want you to let them know just how much you truly yearn for them. They want to feel your touch, your dark, sensual caress. They want to know that your body becomes aroused at the very thought of being allowed to lay down beside them. They want to know that feeling of longing they feel for you whenever you're apart is reciprocated. They want to feel, not only hear, just how beautiful they are to you both inside and out. Life may not be about sex, but when you're with someone, knowing that you are the object of their darkest fantasies? Knowing that they drive a passion within you that is so strong you simply need to be inside them? That is something that goes way beyond being priceless. No money in the world can ever purchase a gift as great as that.
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