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Friday, May 28, 2021

New Release: Free Miles

 FREE MILES by Jennifer Johnson

Published May 28, 2021

Download the FREE prequel here:


What do you do when your boyfriend dumps you right before the vacation to Mexico you've been planning for nine months? That's right. You bring your best guy friend along and let him seduce you! You may not get a chance to go sightseeing, but with the sex you are having, who cares?

Free Miles is a hot and steamy romance between best friends Thalia and Miles. This story was inspired by a story request from a follower!

Jennifer Johnson does take both free and paid requests. Free requests take several months to be written. Paid requests take about two weeks.

To request a paid story, go to

For Free Requests please visit Jenni's website and scroll to the bottom of the first page:



Jennifer Johnson is the author of the popular blogs, Slut-Problems and Slut-Solutions. She is a self-proclaimed slut and has written four books; Hollow Girl, Swing Low, Naughty Alice, and Killer Clowns. She also has published short stories on Smashwords that contain topics that are too racy for Amazon. You can find copies of Johnson's books that are banned on Amazon at She likes to maintain a cloak of anonymity, which is why she never shows her face. Jennifer is an expert in sex, love, and relationships as well as a novelist, podcaster, and model.

Jenni is known for her free erotic stories on Tumblr, which range from romantic sex all the way to extreme topics like rape fantasy. She is well-loved on many additional sites as an erotic blogger. She posts erotic submissions from her followers in between stories and answers questions about love, sex, and other random topics. She has sold over 3000 copies of her first novel, Hollow Girl (available ONLY at The Book Patch). Jennifer is a podcaster who discusses a full range of topics in the area of sexual education and entertainment. She is also a porn model and produces amateur pornography on Pornhub (look her up on Pornhub as porn model Jennifer Johnson).

Jennifer Johnson's Blogs & Social Media:

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