Monday, February 27, 2017

Blood Dragons Review

Blood Dragons by Rosemary A. Johns
Rebel Vampires Book 1
Self-Published August 3, 2016
5 Bloody Fangs!

"Sometimes we're doomed to repeat our past mistakes, even in death..."


Escape into a supernatural world of love, revenge and redemption, where vampires are both predator and prey.


1960s London. Kathy is a seductive singer. But she’s also human. Light knows his passion for her is reckless but he’s enchanted. Yet such a romance is forbidden. When the two worlds collide, it could mean the end. For both species.

When Light discovers his ruthless family’s horrifying experiments, he questions whether he should be slaying or saving the humans he’s always feared. What dark revelations will Light reveal at the heart of the experiments? Will he be able to stop them in time? The consequences of failure are unimaginable. Unless Light plays the part of hero, he risks losing everything. Including the two women he loves.

A rebel, a red-haired devil and a Moon Girl battle to save the world – or tear it apart.

Blood Dragons is the explosive first installment of the new fantasy series Rebel Vampires from the critically acclaimed author Rosemary A Johns. Experience a thrilling new twist on urban fantasy with vampires, Rockers and dark romance. (Goodreads)


When I initially read the synopsis for this title I thought there would be a lot of fang baring, blood slinging, and a bunch of vampire sex. Yes, we all know my mind works differently than most. But, that is not what this book is, though it is still a great read. Think Interview With a Vampire meets Confessions of a Lost Soul. Yes, Rosemary A. Johns does bring to mind the writing style of the great Anne Rice.

In Blood Dragons the vampires are referred to as Blood Lifers, and humans as First Lifers. Light as a first lifer had a photographic memory, which for those of you who have such know can be both a blessing and a curse. In this tale he is actually recalling the life that he lived as a blood lifer, and that of his first life, confessing all to the human woman that he loves. And no, not just confessions of sleeping with other women; confessions of blood lust, temptation, of mad scientists doing experiments on behalf of his blood family, of loving a woman who had a twisted version of what love is, confessions of love, betrayal, and doomed friendship. Each event causing him almost as much pain as he tells it, as it did when he lived it.  And as he watches her while he does so, there is only one word she utter's, Advance. The night club that not only brought them together, but the one that almost claimed their very lives.

Light is torn between two worlds, that of the living and that of the blood, the woman he loves, and the woman who truly loves him. And while all stories can't end with a happy ever after, it's good to know some end with a man who keeps his word.

Looking for a paranormal read that takes you into mind of the vampire that's filled with more than just blood and lust, look no further. Rosemary A. Johns creates a world so real it makes you wonder...

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